Is To Your Eternity Finished? Anime & Manga Status

Fumetsu No Anata E or To Your Eternity by Yoshitoki Oima is a popular fantasy series. Its manga series debuted in November 2016 in Weekly Shonen Magazine and has 18 volumes to date. It was adapted into an anime series by Brain’s Base Studio, which premiered in April 2021. Drive Studio produced the second season that will premiere in October 2022. In this post, we discuss if To Your Eternity is finished or not.

What is the story of this series?

A semi-conscious alien object known as the Orb, which later became known as It, lives on Earth. It observes the things and organisms around it and takes on their form to feel their existence. It learns about a variety of beings, including water, moss, rock, and animals. However, its encounter with a wolf, and then with a human boy, permanently alters its outlook on life.

It decides to take on the appearance and role of a wolf that dies in front of It. It then meets the wolf’s owner, a young boy who is awaiting the return of his loved ones. But, tired of waiting, the boy decides to search for the tribe that left him to go and look for a paradise. The young boy sets out on his journey with It by his side.

To Your Eternity Anime & Manga Status

The first season of To Your Eternity came out in April 2021. It had a total of 20 episodes. Brain’s Base produced this anime series. But Drive Studio picked it up for its second season. The second season of the anime will start airing on 23 October 2022. It is also expected to have 20 episodes too. Crunchyroll has licensed the anime for international release.

The manga series came out in the Weekly Shonen Magazine in November 2016. It currently has 18 published volumes. Kodansha publishes the manga in Japanese while Kodansha USA publishes it in English. The manga is still being published and there is no news about it concluding as of yet.

Is To Your Eternity Finished?

No, To Your Eternity is not finished. It is an ongoing series. Both the anime and the manga of the series are not over. The manga continues to be published weekly with some occasional breaks. Its anime adaptation only has a single released season with the second one coming out soon as well. Both of them are not finished yet.