Is voice chat feature available on Roblox Mobile ?

We must be familiar with the world’s well known gaming platform at the global level, Roblox.  This has almost 45 million games in it! The games released by the Roblox Corporation have never failed to fascinate gamers. We have been discussing the most popular Roblox games in our blogs on almost a day-to-day basis. Most of the Roblox games have exciting features along with their sequels and are also available on well-known major platforms. Other than games, Roblox has launched several events in association with celebrities and popular brand companies. This has earned the platform an immense exposure and fame.

Is Roblox adding a Voice Chat feature on Mobile ?

Roblox Voice Chat FeatureIn our previous blog, we have discussed how to do private chat on Roblox using two methods which are easy as pie. One is direct and the other one is by typing the name. With so many features, now we have several questions on the availability of voice chat for Roblox games. Is voice chat feature available on Roblox Mobile ? Is Roblox going to add a voice chat feature on Mobile platform?  You must keep in mind that the official Roblox page does not specify any mobile voice chatting but only text based chat method.

Voice chat feature on Mobile?

However, it is reported that there is a method that would be working, enabling voice chat for Roblox games. Wondering how? By inviting people via discord and after they have joined, you can play the game with the voice chat feature on your mobile device. However, this way is really hard because the mobile players have to use a new link URL every time to join.

So, there is nothing like an official voice chat feature enabled by Roblox for the players. However, we can expect the voice chat feature very soon. If any such feature is made official, we would inform you real soon! So there you go! We hope you get it!