Is Wind Breaker Worth Reading? Review And Opinion

Wind Breaker by Yongseok Jo is a well-known sports manhwa series. The serialization of the series on Naver Webtoon began in 2013. The English version debuted on Line Webtoon the following year. This series has a sizable fan base and receives consistently positive ratings and reviews across all platforms. In this post, we discuss if Wind Breaker is worth reading or not.

What is the story of this manhwa?

Jay Jo is a model student who maintains a positive attitude while achieving high grades. He has earned the respect of all of his teachers and classmates due to his responsible and diligent demeanor. His strict and disciplined way of life is the result of his oppressive family’s expectations and rules for him. He is as a result socially isolated.

Because he lacks ambitions and passions, his life is dull and monotonous. Jay’s strict demeanor makes those around him nervous. His life is turned upside down when one of his classmates, Min Woo Yoo, spots him bicycling. Jay’s abilities impress Min Woo Yoo, who invites him to join his biking club. However, Jay refuses. Min Woo Yoo, on the other hand, keeps his invitation and eventually proposes a wager. If Jay wins a race against a member of his biking club, he will stop bothering him; if Jay loses, he will join the club.

Wind Breaker: Review

Wind Breaker is one of the best-written and most interesting sports webtoons available on the internet. It is mainly a character-focused series, in which every story arc focuses on the development of a particular character. The series has a large cast, and unlike many others that often forget or do not use their side characters, Wind Breaker provides each character with their respective histories, personalities, goals, and dreams.

The art of this manhwa is also very impressive. With thick outlines and bright colors, the art leaves an impression on the fans. The author is also very knowledgeable and passionate about biking as the story is obviously very well-researched. The concepts of physics are also excellently explained so that any person would understand how they are being applied in biking. Wind Breaker is a story of self-discovery in which every character continues to learn and grow.

While it is an excellent sports webtoon, it also has some very common sports genre tropes which some readers find interesting. Nonetheless, these instances are far and few in between, and readers mostly enjoy the story. The story combines edginess with humor wonderfully as the expressions of the characters can go from bloodthirstily violent to stupidly confused within moments.

Is Wind Breaker worth reading?

Wind Breaker is definitely one of the best webtoons to read, especially for the sports genre. Fans of biking and bikers will definitely enjoy the story. But it is quite a long read, currently with over 400 chapters, and may need commitment. But length aside, Wind Breaker is definitely an enjoyable read. Its focus on the everyday lives of teenagers and their struggles is praiseworthy as well. If a long story with a large cast is not a problem, then one should definitely check the story out. It is best to read the first few chapters to decide whether the webtoon is worth reading or not.