Jet Wars 2 Roblox release date has been announced.

Developed by Carbon131 and created in September 2008, Jet Wars is one of the most popular military-based games on Roblox having hit more than 3 billion visits. For more than a decade, this game has been one such favorite game of millions of players. This game is a unique 3D game and features flying advanced planes and jets to raid your opponent bases, battle in the air, and cement your victories. Having purchased the VIP pass, you will be able to fly your jet ×2 speed, obtaining more rewards accordingly.

For more than a decade, this game has been such a delight to the players despite not providing frequent updates. However, official Twitter handles of Jet Wars and Roblox have recently confirmed the release of the second version a.k.a “Jet Wars 2”, flying the fans to cloud nine. Yes! Hyped up already? Even though Jet Wars 2 has been given only early access and glimpse, the fans could not stop boasting about the smooth impoverished, and realistic gameplay which has added to the fascination and anticipation. 

Jet Wars 2 release date

As the tweet says, Jet Wars 2 is going to hit Roblox very soon on August 20th, 2021, this Friday! Save the date pilots! Buckle up to fly high! After seeing the tweet, the global fandom for the game is at its utmost curiosity wondering about the fresh fascinating features the game is going to be launched with. Fingers crossed!!.