Jet Wars 2 Xbox and Mobile Release Date 2021

As we all know about Jet wars 2 games, a unique 3D game that features flying advanced planes and jets to raid your opponent bases, battle in the air, and cement your victories. Having purchased the VIP pass, you will be able to fly your jet ×2 speed, obtaining more rewards accordingly. With impoverished and realistic gameplay with fascinating features, Jet Wars 2 was released on 20th August 2021. The game has hit more than 100K views on August 27th, 2021. Yes! That’s a milestone indeed!

Jet Wars 2 Xbox and Mobile Release Date 2021

We all know that the developer Enterprise Bear has released the game exclusively on the Roblox gaming platform. The game is not supported on mobile devices. This has been a major con of the game since its launch in 2008 when carbon131 developed it. The fandom and gamers’ community has been expecting this game to be launched on different consoles. Finally, the official Twitter side of the game has recently revealed that they are trying to make the game available for Xbox consoles and mobile versions. Fingers crossed!

Confirmation Tweet!

Jet Wars 2 Console Release date
Source: Twitter

They have also added that they are in their pre-release stage and have been fixing errors such as bug fixing and polishing to make the game completely compatible across all the platforms. However, it is expected to be made available for Xbox and mobile versions at first. Even though there was not any official confirmation on the Jet Wars 2 console release date, the fans are expecting the release very soon this month. We are certain that releasing the awesome action-packed game Jet Wars 2 on different platforms and consoles will look incredible. Fingers crossed!!

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