King NPC Quest coming in Pet simulator X Heaven update

In our previous blog, we have seen the leaks for the Pet Simulator X update 4 which is expected to be launched very soon probably this Sunday. It is notable that the last update went live just a few days ago on 25th August 2021. The leaks for the upcoming update include expected as well as surprising features such as the new fantasy portal of Heaven Island with Heaven chest and Grand Heaven Chest, Heavenly Eggs, Heavenly pets, and a new mythical pass.

Heavenly Pets

Some of the expected heavenly pets that are expected to be hatched from both ordinary and golden angelic eggs are:

  • Heavenly Dragon
  • Angel Heaven ( Biblically described accurate character)
  • Heavenly Peacock
  • Heavenly Fox
  • Heavenly Horse
  • Heavenly Snake

Mythical Pass – “Mythical Hunter”

Mythical hunter is a brand new pass in the upcoming update of Pet Simulator X that would allow you to substantially increase your chances of getting mythical pets permanently. How cool is that!

King NPC Quest Pet Simulator x Heaven Update

King NPC Quest Pet Simulator X
Source: Twitter

The game owner Preston’s tweet reads, ” Next update is gonna be sick”, with a cloud and crown emojiThis tweet of Preston has hinted at the inclusion of a new feature of King NPC (Non-Playable Character quest) Quest. After the tweet, the fans are frenzy over it and could not stop thinking about it. If there is a King NPC quest, how would it work? Is it going to be a heavenly king to arrive in the game from the clouds? Is it going to be so much interesting like an intense battle between heaven and hell? How are we going to encounter?  Are we even ready? How are we going to conquer? How are we going to complete the quest? Or is the heavenly king the Jesus? Is it going to be like a judgment day? That will be totally insanely awesome! There are tons of questions popping into the minds of the players.

Whatever the King NPC Quest is all about, we bet this would be definitely awesome taking the game to the next level and beyond! Fingers crossed!!