Lawn Mowing Simulator : How to level up fast

In our previous blog, we could see the tier list of the Lawn Mower Simulator for August 2021. Now let us know how to level up fast in this game. For that, you need to gain knowledge about the Rp system. Rp system is nothing but the reputation point system in the game that represents the tiers that you operate over and as you progress throughout your career. As your Rp increases, the number of locations or areas you can increases, along with the ability to hire more staff increases. Another perk is that the challenges and free roamings can also be unlocked. There are five tiers for the game which are :

  1. Established rank
  2. trusted rank
  3. Professional rank
  4. Esteemed rank
  5. Distinguished- end game

8 Ways to level up fast in lawn simulator

Lawn Mowing Simulator : How to level up fast

From established to esteemed, you have sub-levels from 1 to 5 that apply to each rank, so you gradually progress those levels until you hit the distinguished level, which is just a flat-capped rank with no levels associated with it, essentially what you call an endgame.

Here is a list of 8 ways to consider and follow to level up fast in the game!

  1. To start with, you should have an understanding of how ‘staffing’ works. The game offers you the opportunity for a maximum of two additional employees. (Note: Bear that in mind, despite what it says in the menus, you can hire a maximum of two people in your team.)
  2. When you do that, it allows you to know about the diversity of choices when you assign contracts. So as your company starts to develop, you’ll be able to hire two people allowing you to allocate more contracts out in the field.
  3. When you do that, go into the contract selection and make sure you look at the Rp values and the price value of these contracts. The goal here for a quicker journey is to maximize your trip. Therefore, select the contracts with the highest Rp and assign those to your contractors.
  4. Additionally, you can assign yourself a rubbish collection job that will only take you two or three minutes and come back, and you would have achieved a fair amount of Rp and gotten the cash revenue from the other two jobs.
  5. You can choose your way out of this and keep spamming day by day, setting out your employees once your loans are paid off to keep doing more work and making money for you.
  6. The other thing you can do is make sure you’re spamming your ads each week. Do it each day after each contract has been completed. Make sure you go into advertising and spam the button for that day.
  7. The first two on the left can be the most profitable, of course, you get the most up from those again. You’re spending money to do this, but it’s a perfect solution!
  8. Another thing you can do to compliment your quick Rp in progress is to buy mowers, in a sense, buy bigger mowers earlier! This will allow you to get through some properties much quicker.

We hope you get it! By following these steps, you can level up fast in this realistic and fascinating game, Lawn Mower Simulator. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!