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Link Click is one of the anime that is in high demand these days because of its increasing popularity amongst fandom each day. Today we will be talking about every major element related to this anime. The reason behind this anime’s sudden but steady boom in popularity is that people are gradually realising how good of a Donghua it is. There are many Donghua available but none matches the storytelling that this anime does. In today’s article, we will be diving deep and looking into various information about Link Click like plot, cast, and more. So, make sure to read this article until the end as it is going to be really interesting. Now, without any further delay, let’s proceed.

What Happens In Link Click?

Link Click Wiki

Link Click is an anime series that revolves around its two protagonists, Cheng Xiaoshi and Lu Guang. Both of them with their special abilities solve various cases throughout the series. Cheng’s power is to dive into any photograph by just clapping his hands. While Lu Guang with the help of his power can oversee everything that happens in a 12-hour timeframe after the photo has been clicked.

With the help of each other, they solve many cases to satisfy the requests made by their clients. However, things will not remain so peaceful forever! Despite things being bound to change, whatever will happen in the future cannot be changed or revamped by any means! Both Lu Guang and Cheng Xiaoshi can enter the photo while possessing the photographer’s body.

However, if Cheng Xiaoshi in any case were to bring some significant change in the past then his current timeline and relationships can also be messed up badly. That’s why he follows Lu Guang’s lead and can’t act recklessly. These two completes almost every job they take on but there are also some in which they can’t do anything. While doing such odd jobs they find themselves entangled in the various tacky situations and also face several perils down the road.

There is nothing certain in this series! There are limitless possibilities and infinite outcomes. However, the viewers will definitely enjoy every single moment of this series. This is so because of its engaging and addicting plot.

Once, someone starts watching this anime he will surely be glued to his screen. Link Click perfectly maintains the nature of equilibrium and synch between various elements that need to be kept in mind during making an anime series like story development, world Development, Character designs, Background music, etc.

Link Click Main Characters

1. Lu Guang

Link Click Wiki

Lu Guang is one of the main male leads of the show. With the help of his wits and quick thinking, he is able to solve any of the commissions he undertakes. However, he alone wouldn’t be able to do so. The one who follows his lead and executes the given task is his partner, Cheng Xiaoshi.

However, Cheng Xiaoshi on his own is not very bright and is more likely to mess up frequently which can affect their work. Lu Guang with the help of his powers is able to overview everything in a photograph that takes place within a timeframe of 12 hours. Only after going through this process, he decides whether or not it is mortally possible to finish the job or not. He devises a strategy and adheres to a strict set of rules so as to not change the past.

If somehow, Cheng Xiaoshi when in the dive living as the photographer changes something significant in the past, the future will also change. So, Lu Guang’s other job is to make sure Cheng Xiaoshi doesn’t mess up or do something silly that can affect the past. If not for Lu Guang almost all of the commissions both the youngsters undertook are most likely to fail. So, Lu Guang besides Cheng Xiaoshi holds such a place of importance.

2. Cheng Xiaoshi

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Besides Lu Guang the one to hold the most significance to the series is Cheng Xiaoshi. His influence on the series is so much that no new viewer could even fathom, to begin with! With the help of his powers, Cheng Xiaoshi can literally dive back into time. The medium that helps him in going into the past is photographs.

Yes, Cheng Xiaoshi can dive into a photograph as the one who took the photo. He can then also make significant changes in the past. However, he is prohibited from doing so as it could severely affect the future and his current relationships. He must remain calm and collected at all times even in the face of a dire situation.

However, Cheng Xiaoshi is quite a bit emotional and can be easily swayed by his own emotions. That’s why Lu Guang, his partner is there to oversee his actions whenever he dives back into the past. We’ve already discussed Lu Guang’s role in the story. However, again we must put some emphasis on the deutrogonist of the series.

This is because, without Lu Guang, Cheng Xiaoshi won’t be able to smoothly complete the commissions they’ve undertaken and vice-versa. Cheng Xiaoshi faces several perils down the road. He works in the photo studio created on the property owned by his landlady and childhood friend whom he grew up with, Qiao Ling. However, this photo studio is just a coverup for their real business!

Truly, if Cheng Xiaoshi wasn’t in the series as the main male lead along with Lu Guang then this show wouldn’t be as popular as it is now!

Link Click: List Of Episodes

There are a total of 23 episodes spanning over two seasons of Link Click. Here is a list of all the episodes that new viewers would be in for:

  • Link Click Season One
  1. Emma
  2. Secret Recipe
  3. To Lose, Not To Win
  4. Confess
  5. Farewell
  6. Search Of The Child
  7. Aunt May
  8. Lost Signal
  9. Consequence Of Goodwill
  10. Trap
  11. Pinnacle Of Light
  • Link Click Season Two
  1. Falling
  2. Night Raid
  3. Two Funerals
  4. Them In The Photo
  5. Last Supper
  6. Li Tianxi
  7. Urban Warfare
  8. Hostage
  9. Three Stories
  10. Improvise
  11. Confrontation
  12. Can’t Live Without A Good Brother


In the end, we can only say one thing this anime series is one of a kind! You should definitely give this anime a try so as to not regret it. We are also sure that Link Click will most likely become one of the most popular and fan-favorite anime series. This is so because it becomes evident from the way this series unfolds its plot in front of its viewers.

The impressive storytelling along with great character design, animation, and music is all one can ask for in an anime series. On top of that, the plot is so interesting that it will make you feel that you are inside the story as well. This feat is quite remarkable and impressive as not many are able to accomplish this. Make sure to watch the Link Click on the aforementioned sites. On that note, it is about time to wrap up!

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