Madden NFL 22 MUT Rewards from Level 1 to 50

EA’s Madden championship tournament is returning along with a huge prize pool. Madden NFL 22 is launching soon, and alongside it, EA is holding another edition of its Madden Championship Series. It is open to anyone, and this year it has a total prize pool of $1.65 million.

The championship series is actually a series of Madden tournaments, with the first beginning on August 21. From there, the Thanksgiving tournament starts in September and extends through November. The third, Wild Card round begins in October and goes through January, and the series wraps up with the Madden Bowl from January through February.

Madden NFL 22, will be released on August 22, and EA is working on a number of tweaks that it claims will significantly change the gameplay. These include a momentum meter that will react based on how you play; momentum can unlock buffs or debuffs, including home field-specific perks. EA is also continuing to invest in using real-world statistics from the NFL season in improving player behavior, and it has overhauled the game’s AI to be more realistic.

Here are the leaked rewards of level 2-50 of madden 22 MUT: 

Level 2: 50 training

Level 3: 10k coins

Level 4: 1×70+ gold or better player

Level 5: 1×season champion fantasy pack. 1×season collectible

Level 6: 50 training

Level 7: 1× common strategy item.

level  8: 1×62-81 power up pass

Level 9: 1×70+ gold or better player

Level 10: 1×86 OVR NAt rookie premier fantasy pack 

Level 11: 1×common strategy item.

Level 12: 10k coins 

Level 13: 1×gold team fantasy pack

Level 14: 50 training

Level 15: 1×season collectible

Level 16: 1× uncommon strategy item.

Level 17: 1×pro fantasy pack

Level 18: 10k coins

Level 19: 1× 62-81 OVR power pass.

Level 20: 1× elite pack 

Level 21:100 training 

Level 22:  1× 70+ OVR gold pr better player.

Level 24: 10k coins

Level 25: 1× season collectible.

Level 26: 1× gold team fantasy pack.

Level 27: 1× uncommon strategy item.

Level 28: 1x 82-84 OVR power up Pass.

Level 29: 10k coins

Level 30: 1× rare strategy item.

Level 31: 100 training.

Level 32: 1× gridiron pack

Level 33: 10k coins

Level 34: 1× common strategy man

Level 35: 1× season collectible 

Level 36: 1× pro fantasy pack

Level 37:  1× 82-84 power up pass

Level 38: 10k coins 

Level 39: 1× gridiron pack 

Level 40: 1×89 OVR NAT ultimate season Linval joseph

Level 41: 10k coins

Level 42: 1× uncommon strategy item

Level 43: 1×70+ OVR gold or better player

Level 44: 1× 85-86 OVR power up pass

Level 45: 1× season collectible 

Level 46: 1× common strategy item

Level 47: 1× gridiron pack

Level 48: 1×87-88 OVR power up pass

Level 49: 10k coins

Level 50: 1×91 OVR NAT ultimate seasons George kittle.