Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 Release Date & Spoilers

Mercenary Enrollment or Teenager Enrollment is a super popular manhwa series by YC. Its artist is Rakhyun. It is a highly-rated and widely-read manhwa series about a child who met tragedy at a young age and was forced to do anything and everything for his survival. The action, drama, and school life featured in this story make it an incredibly compelling read. Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 Release Date & Spoilers

What is the story of Mercenary Enrollment?

The story starts when an eight-year-old boy, Ijin Yu, loses his parents in a plane crash. But he ends up surviving the crash. Unfortunately, he ends up stranded in an unknown land and had to become a mercenary for his survival and to make his ends meet. He soon climbs the rankings of the mercenaries there and ends up becoming one of the strongest ones.

Ten years later, now Ijin Yu as an expert mercenary, returns to his homeland. Now back in Korea, he reunites with the rest of his family members, who are extremely happy to see him alive and healthy. But what he will face now is more dangerous than any other battlefield that he has ever been on. And this is because a high school is a more violent place than anything on this planet.

This manhwa started publishing on the Naver Webtoon platform in 2020. Its English-translated version came out some months later after the series started. It is a highly-rated series with an impressive fan following. Currently, there are a total of 89 published chapters in this manhwa series.

Mercenary Enrollment Chapter 90 Release Date & Spoilers

The official version of chapter number 90 of the Mercenary Enrollment manhwa is out. Fans will be able to read the next chapter of this manhwa series on 17 June 2022. The raw scans of the chapter will be available on the internet right before the official release of this chapter. The release time of the chapter will vary for different regions.

The previous chapter showed Yuna’s unwillingness to go abroad. She meets up with Ijin to personally inform him of her imminent departure. She is obviously upset at the idea of leaving but has no choice but to do so. Ijin realizes this and decides to do something about it. He visits his grandfather to discuss the issue. But his grandfather states that he is responsible for the company and cannot favor his family over them. Ijin makes him realize that caring for his family is just as, if not more, important than the company. The next chapter will most likely continue with their conversation as they decide whether or not Yuna would be sent abroad despite her objection and unwillingness.