(2023) When is Metamorphosis Anime Adaptation Releasing?

For fans of Hent*i, a popular genre of anime that features ranges of animated sexual content that can be categorized as porn, Metamorphosis is a household name and is even recognizable outside of the Hent*i community. While Hent*i anime is typically originally produced, there are always big conversations that spark the Internet when a manga is adapted into an anime, especially one as infamous as Metamorphosis.

What is Metamorphosis?

The story follows young and introverted Saki Yoshida. Having been socially withdrawn in middle school, she reinvents her image upon graduation to high school where her new charming and amiable personality brings in new friends as she wished. However, it also draws the attention of an unsavory older man named Hayato who lures her to karaoke and drugs her. After taking advantage of her, he enters his number in her phone and promises to see her again. Saki, unsure of the situation and misinterpreting it, calls Hayato, and the two assume an inappropriate romantic relationship. This decision only serves as a catalyst for the consequent tragic events that follow Saki. A conversation with her peers leads her to compensated dating with older men where she is paid to engage in s5xual activities. Pictures of her dates with older men end up in the hands of her male classmates, who used to blackmail her into granting them s5xual favors against her will. The situation only derails when Saki’s own alcoholic father takes advantage of her and is antagonized by her mother for it, this is the final event that leads her to run away from home.

After dropping out of high school and taking refuge with Hayato, she is dragged into helping him pay off a hefty debt of eight million yen through prostitution. She becomes pregnant, aborts the child at the insistence of Hayato, and is drugged again to remain compliant by the debt collectors. This fuels a drug addiction which causes her to demand drugs as payment for her services instead of cash. When Hayato learns of this, he abandons Saki and leaves her homeless. Saki falls pregnant again after a bad encounter while out on influence but ultimately decides to quit drugs and work to carry the baby to term. Just when things seem to be turning around, she runs into her former classmates who sexually abuse her with the intention of killing her baby and stealing the money. Bleeding profusely, Saki ends up in an empty bathroom where is horrified by the person she has become and shatters the mirror. She overdoses on the last stash of her drugs and presumably dies. The manga ends with a shot of what her future might have looked like had she given birth successfully and quit drugs which puts a somber end to the controversial manga.

The Possibility of Metamorphosis Anime Release

There were initially rumors about the anime adaption in early 2022 and various entertainment blogs commented on the speculated release. Reddit held a long thread discussion on the details such as the number of episodes considering the manga’s short chapters and censorship requirements. Many unofficial online sources claimed it would be set to release in the summer of 2023, possibly April or July, but as the year is coming to an end and there is still no news, those claims have been proven false. It has been agreed that due to its disturbing nature and copious amounts of sexual violence, Crunchyroll and Funimation would not stream them. At the time it was being hotly debated, fans were more convinced a second season of Redo of Healer was more plausible than an adaptation of Metamorphosis.

There is no teaser or trailer for the anime, although various fanmade ones can be found on the Internet. Even if talks of the manga have reached the ears of producers, the intense backlash garnered by rumors of its anime adaption would be enough to deter even the most reckless and unconventional studios. The manga has been called ‘cursed’, and ‘horribly traumatizing’ and its baseless depiction of sexual violence for the purpose of entertainment has given it a label of infamy. Even fans who enjoyed the manga were thrown off by its hard-hitting and realistic ending. Despite its unconfirmed status, debates continue to rise in the hentai community and no news or major rumors have been circulating this year, leading to the general consensus that the anime will be delayed or possibly never adapted.

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