Minecraft 1.18 Multiplayer: New Shulker Dupe discovered by players

Minecraft 1.18 Multiplayer: New Shulker

Minecraft is a sandbox game launched in 2009 by Swedish video game developer Mojang Studios and was created using the Java programming language. It is considered one of the best-selling video games, with a record of over 238 million sold copies. There are more than 140 million monthly active users in this game. The players usually experience a blocky 3D world with infinite terrain in this game. The players often need to extract raw materials, craft tools, and sometimes build structures or earthworks.

The players can also fight computer-controlled mobs depending on the game mode. Minecraft has a survival mode that helps the player to acquire resources which helps them in maintaining health. It also has a survival mode that allows the player access to unlimited sources and flight. It also can modify and create new gameplay mechanics, items, and assets.

Minecraft 1.18 Multiplayer: New Shulker Dupe discovered by players

Here you will see, how you can dupe your entire Shulker box on Minecraft. First, we are gonna take a look at the installation part. All you need to do is go to google fabric 1.18 and open up the fabric website and download the installer for Minecraft. You need to save and open the file, and it is going to open up the fabric you just installed. Then click 118, which is pre-selected. All you need to do is just click and install. After you are done with this part, you will need to download two more files for fabric API 1.18 and the new Shulker mod by Coderexgamer.

New Shulker Dupe in Minecraft

You need to download both the files and select both of them, and then copy from where you have downloaded them. Then go to your percentage app, data percentage and name it mods and paste it there. This is the installation part. Now we got to check if it works.

Cross-check the Shulker Box

The procedure remains the same whether you are using the T launcher or the normal Minecraft launcher. When you pick the version you want to play, just make sure you pick the fabric loader 1.18 and then click enter. Now that you are in the game, it should say that you are using 1.18 fabric, and it is modded,only then we can go into the server. So now that you have installed the mod, all you have to do is just go on a server and check whether it is actually 1.18 multiplayer or not.

Just place the Shulker box and, you do not need to have anything in your hand, but it goes faster if you have a pickaxe. Then you just click the do paul button and take a look at the Shulker box. We can now put all these items back into it and the press does paul again. You will be able to see that you have duped the entire inventory and everything is now still in the Shulker. Just so you know, glitch also works in single-player and multiplayer, and you can also still dupe one at a time.