My Hero Academia Chapter 356 Break Release Date & Spoilers

As the final arc of My Hero Academia progresses, so does its complex plot, powerful villains, and amazing fights. The last few chapters of the series have been completely action-packed, with one fight beginning after the other. As the heroes continue to fight villains, secrets keep coming to light, and these secrets keep the audience on the edge of their seats. In this post we discuss My Hero Academia Chapter 356 Break information, Release Date & Spoilers

What is My Hero Academia all about?

In an alternate reality of the modern world, superpowers in people are the norm of society. These superpowers are called ‘Quirks’. While initially, people born with Quirks were considered to be a curse in the normal population, gradually more and more children started developing these powers and the whole society now consists of people with Quirks. In such a world, some select people receive training to become ‘Heroes’ and serve as law enforcers and protectors of the masses.

But discrimination continues to exist. While earlier, people with Quirks were ostracized by society, today, it is the people who do not have Quirks who get bullied. Izuku Midoriya, a young boy about to start high school, always dreamt of becoming a hero like All Might, the number 1 hero of Japan. But his dreams shatter, when at the age of 4, his doctor announces him as Quirkless. Nonetheless, his dreams remain unchanged, although his social life suffers tremendously.

An encounter with All Might himself, accidentally learning his secret, and saving his ex-best friend from a villain, gives Izuku the chance of fulfilling his dream. But his newfound powers come with an age-old responsibility, a devastating secret, and a horde of villains hot at his heels. It is up to him to become stronger and prove himself worthy of having those powers.

My Hero Academia Manga Status

The manga series of My Hero Academia began publishing in 2014 and is still ongoing. Its chapters have been collected in 34 volumes till now. Currently, it has 355 published chapters with the 356th one about to come out. The manga entered its final arc last year and will soon reach its conclusion.

My Hero Academia Chapter 356 Release Date & Spoilers

The manga of My Hero Academia series will be going on a break this week. Thus, fans will have to wait for another week to read the next chapter of the series. Therefore, the release date of the 356th chapter of My Hero Academia will most likely be 19 June 2022.

The last chapter featured the fight between All For One and the spontaneous team consisting of Hawks, Earphone Jack, and Tsukuyomi. All For One counts Earphone Jack as the weakest link on the team and attacks her. But in a surprising turn of events, Earphone Jack becomes the person to inflict the most damage to All For One in all the fights fans have seen till yet.

Hawks, under the cover of Earphone Jack’s attack, throws his own attacks in order to take advantage of All For One’s only known weakness – his mask. The mask cracks at the end of the chapter. Chapter 356 will continue the fight from this point on.

It is quite unlikely that All For One will go down like this. He most probably has some trump card up his sleeves and was waiting to bring it up. The next chapter will most likely deal with the consequences of cracking All For One’s masks. The chapter might also focus on the other fights that have begun in the previous chapters.

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