Naruto World Timeline Explained In Order [2023]

Naruto is one of the Big Three anime and is regarded as one of the greatest anime series ever created. In today’s article, we will be having a look at the complete timeline of the Naruto world. So, make sure to read until the end as this article is going to be very interesting. Now, without any further delay let’s begin with this article!

The Reign Of Kaguya Otsutsuki – 1000 Years Ago

A 1000 years ago Kaguya Otsutsuki with Isshiki Otsutsuki came to planet Earth to plant the divine tree and harvest a Chakra Fruit. It was originally planned that Kaguya would be the sacrifice and Isshiki would be the one harvesting the Chakra Fruit. However, it didn’t go as planned at all. Kaguya betrayed Isshiki and wounded him mortally and claimed the Chakra fruit all to herself.

Isshiki at the time seemed to have died in the eyes of Kaguya but was alive and took control of a monk named Jigen. Kaguya after eating the Chakra Fruit manifested a Rinnesharingan and stopped all the fighting from her sheer power. She used Infinite Tsukoyomi to control humans. This was truly the era of Kaguya’s reign.

Hagoromo’s And Hamura’s Rebellion – 970 Years Ago

Approximately 970 years ago before the main timeline Kaguya’s two sons namely Hogoromo and Hamura were born with the ability to manipulate Chakra just like her mother. They decided to rebel and fight against their mother after both of them learned about their mother’s evil schemes. Kaguya after absorbing the Divine tree turned into Ten-Tails to fight her sons. After a tough and arduous fight both of the sons won and Hagoromo absorbed the Ten-Tails making himself the first-ever Jinchuriki.

However, Kaguya before getting sealed into the Moon left her will in the form of Black Zetsu to revive her in the future. The husk of the Ten-Tails was entrapped on the Moon with Kaguya. Hamura went to the Moon to make sure Kaguya remained sealed and also to safeguard the Husk of the Ten-Tails. On the Moon, Hamura found out about the Otsutsuki clan residing there.

On the other hand, Hagoromo divided the Ten-Tails into nine-tailed beasts. He started teaching common folk Ninshu which would later be known as the Ninjutsu.

The Start Of The Cycle Of Hatred – Approximately 900 Years Ago

Hagoromo had two sons Indra and Ashura Otsutsuki. On one hand, Indra who is the older sibling was considered a genius capable of doing everything. On the other hand, Ashura who was the younger sibling was not very bright. For example, Indra managed to learn Ninshu at a very young age but that wasn’t the case with Ashura.

Both of the boys were obliged to go on a mission to decide who would succeed their father after reaching a certain age. Indra wasn’t able to complete his mission but Ashura on the other hand not only completed his mission but even bonded with the villagers. Hagoromo named Ashura as his successor without any delay. Indra becomes very envious of his younger brother and thinks that his father chose Ashura because of favoritism because he considered Ashura inferior.

Indra after being influenced by Black Zetsu murders his two best friends to awaken his Mangekyou Sharingan. After manifesting his Perfect Susanoo he battles Ashura but ultimately loses. After this, he went rogue and hated his blood-related brother more than anything or anyone in the world. This marked the beginning of the cycle of hatred.

Warring States Era – Approximately 800 To 64 Years Ago

The Warring States era began as several small nations began clashing against each other in an attempt to gain power. These nations would hire Ninjas from various clans to win the war against their opponent. Two certain clans were the most sought-after. These clans were the Senju and Uchiha clans.

Both of these clans were equal in terms of power and influence. However, both of these clans were each other’s arch enemies too. One day Madara Uchiha and Hashirama Senju met on a riverside without knowing each other’s backgrounds. They bonded quickly over time.

Hashirama and Madara both dreamt of creating a land more like a village in which Ninjas could live peacefully. However, the families of both the kids soon separated them as they were enemies. Both Hashirama and Madara became their respective clan’s leaders when they grew up. Both of them fought against each other and killed many.

However, Hashirama proposed the idea of creating the Village of Hidden Leaf to Madara. But Madara who was overcome by grief by his younger brother’s death refused him and instead fought him. He was defeated eventually and later agreed to ally with the Senju clan to form the Village Hidden In Leaf!

The Formation Of The Hidden Leaf Village – 50 Years Ago

Both Madara and Hashirama fulfill their childhood dream of creating an ideal land for Shinobi by forming the Hidden Leaf Village. Hashirama was entitled as the First Hokage of the village. At first, it seemed like it was peaceful in the village but this was only just the “CALM BEFORE THE STORM!” Madara felt that soon the people of the village would turn against the Uchiha clan after Tobirama the younger brother of Hashirama was decided to be the Second Hokage.

He knew that Tobirama despised Madara and the Uchiha clan. He betrayed the village and became a Rogue Ninja. He even attacked the village on several occasions using the Nine-Tailed Beast Kurama. Soon, in his final fight against Hashirama, he betrayed his death after losing to him.

The Nine-Tailed Beast was sealed inside Hashirama’s wife Mito Uzumaki. Hashirama soon created the Five-Kage Summit to distribute the Tailed Beasts to all of the newly formed Nations. Hashirama did to create peace but wasn’t able to achieve this. He passed away in unknown circumstances making Tobirama the Second Hokage.

First Great Shinobi World War – 34 Years Ago 

Not much is known about the First Great Shinobi War but as far as we know it started because all of the five Great Ninja nations disputed over the control of resources. In this war, Tobirama the Second Hokage dies at the hands of the enemies. However, before dying he named Hiruzen Sarutobi as the Third Hokage. Hizuren would later go on to train the Legendary Sannin.

The Arrival Of Kushina Uzumaki – 16 Years Ago 

Kushina Uzumaki was transported to the Hidden Leaf Village as she was going to be the next host of the Nine-Tailed Beast Kurama. She was perfect for the job after Mito. However, because of her red colored hair, she was ostracized by the villagefolk. The news of the new Nine-Tailed Beast’s vessel spread out in the area and she was targeted by the Shinobis of some of the major villages.

As a result, she got kidnapped by the Kumogakure, or the Village Hidden In The Clouds. However, thankfully she was rescued by Minato Namikaze at the right time before it was too late. He didn’t make fun of her odd hair color instead he called it beautiful. This made Kushina fall in love with Minato!

Second Shinobi World War – 14 Years Ago

In the Second Shinobi World War Jiraiya, Tsunade and Orochimaru gain their title of Legendary Sannin. Jiraiya in the seemingly small Amegakure finds three orphans and trains them to become Shinobis. These three in the future form an organization named Akatsuki to help the weak in the tough times of war. However, Yahiko dies at the hands of his best friend Nagato which was schemed by the Hanzo and Danzo.

Nagato enraged by the fact summons the Husk of the Ten-Tails and attacks Hanzo. Later on, Nagato goes on to replace Yahiko as the head of Akatsuki and turns the organization into a mercenary group. When influenced by the Black Zetsu he decides to seize control of the world by capturing all of the Tailed Beasts. He then started to call himself Pain and worked to achieve Akatsuki’s main objective.

Third Shinobi World War – 4 Years Ago

In this war, we saw Minato proving himself as one of the strongest Shinobi out there. He even achieved such as defeating a Thousand Shinobis all by himself. As a result, he gained the title of “The Yellow Flash Of The Leaf.” He also impressed the higher-ups into making himself the Fourth Hokage.

At the same time, Kushina also became the second host of the Nine-Tailed Fox Beast, Kurama. Both Minato and Kushina married and lived a peaceful life together. On the other hand, Kakashi Hatake lost his eye whilst fighting a Shinobi whereas Obito Uchiha was buried under a rock that crushed the entirety of the left side of his body. He gave Kakashi his Sharingan before passing out. However, the seemingly presumed dead Obito wasn’t dead.

He was saved by an old Madara Uchiha. Madara saved him in the hopes of using him in his grand plan of “The Eye Of The Moon.” However, Obito was reluctant, he downright refused Madara in his plans! He recovered and got accustomed to his new body in Madara’s hideout.

One day, he received news from White Zetsu that Rin and Kakashi were attacked by Hidden Mist Shinobis. After, arriving at the place all he found was “HELL.” Yes, Kakashi out of nowhere killed Rin with his Chidori. Rin was forced to become a host of Three-Tailed Beasts in the Hidden Mist Village.

So, she sacrificed herself at the hands of Kakashi to not cause any trouble for Konoha. Obito and Kakashi at the same time awakened their Mangekyou Sharingan. Obito goes on to slaughter every single Hidden Mist Shinobi whilst Kakashi passes out from the trauma. Obito then decides to become a part of Madara’s plan. He took his name and influenced a lot of major events.

The Birth Of Naruto Uzumaki – 0 Years Ago 

Kushina goes out of the village to give birth to her child as there is a risk of the Nine-Tailed Beast breaking the seal placed on it and breaking free of its host to attack Konoha. After Naruto was born a mysterious masked person came into the room and stole the newly born Naruto. He threatened Minato that he would kill Nauruto.

Minato however, was able to retrieve Naruto safely. He goes on to fight this masked guy and nearly defeats him. After successfully extracting the Nine-Tails from Kushina he executes his plan of attacking the Konoha. He then goes on to control the beast and commands it to attack the village.

The village was nearly exterminated until Minato reached the place and successfully sealed the Nine-Tails into Naruto. However, he had to pay a hefty price for this as he and Kushina both lost their lives in the process. This was how Naruto became the third Jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails!

The Downfall Of The Uchiha Clan – 4 Years After Naruto’s Birth

Naruto World Timeline Explained

The Uchiha clan and the government of the Hidden Leaf Village were at odds at the time. This means that there could be a Civil war in Konoha. With the rising tensions on both the factions Itachi Uchiha who was the eldest son of the Uchiha clan’s head tried to convince his father to not start a war within the Konoha as it could kill many innocent citizens. However, his father refused to concede!

Danzo who is the shady and tricky leader of the Hidden Leaf Village gives Itachi two options. First is that he can slaughter his entire clan except his brother. Second is that he can watch Konoha burn in the fires of the imminent civil war. Itachi opted for the first option and slaughtered his entire clan with the help of Obito.

He then goes on to join the terrorist organization of Akatsuki to report their actions to the Konoha. He played the role of double agent and sacrificed his entire life for the sake of the village where he grew up.

Naruto’s Childhood – 13 Years After Naruto’s Birth 

Naruto World Timeline Explained

Naruto graduates from the academy with not too good of a result. However, after passing the tough exam conducted by Kakashi Hatake who no one ever passed was placed in team 7 under Kakashi’s supervision. Team 7’s first major breakthrough mission was escorting a carpenter to the Land Of Waves. There they fought their first major villain, Zabuza, and his disciple Haku.

Zabuza was a former member of the Seven Swordsmen of The Blood Mist. He proved to be quite a tough opponent to beat but was still overwhelmed by Team 7.  After this, all of the Genins of the village were ready to take Chunin exams including Team 7. Naruto and Sasuke even managed to reach the finals but the exam was interrupted by Orochimaru.

Then the Third Hokage lost his life fighting against Orochimaru but was able to put a seal on his arms that made Orochimaru unable to use any jutsu. Naruto and Sasuke on the other hand, fought Gaara who is the Jinchuriki of the One Tails. Naruto eventually beat him and both of them become friends over time. Naruto then goes on a journey with Jiraiya to find Tsunade.

They both succeed in persuading her to become the Fifth Hokage. Naruto while on his journey also learns to use Rasengan which is his iconic jutsu. Sasuke envied by Naruto’s sudden progress leaves the village with the Soud Five. A rescue team sets out to take Sasuke back to the village.

After a series of battles, Naruto fights Sasuke in the Valley Of The End. Naruto ultimately loses to Sasuke and leaves the village with Jiraiya in order to train!

Naruto Returns Back To The Hidden Leaf Village – 16 Years After Naruto’s Birth

Naruto World Timeline Explained

After returning back to Konoha, Naruto finds out that Gaara has become the Kazekage of Sunagakure. On the other hand, Gaara was defeated and abducted by Sasori and Deidra, and his One-Tailed beast was extracted into the Husk of the Ten-Tails. Seemingly dead Gaara was revived by granny Chiyo. After this, he encounters Orochimaru once again and loses all control over himself because of his rage.

Nine-Tails who took control of Naruto then goes on to fight against Orochimaru. Orochimaru flees and our trio of Sai, Sakura, and Naruto goes on to meet Sasuke. Sasuke makes it clear again that he has no intention of going back to Konoha. He attacks Naruto but stops midway because he sees Nine-Tails inside him and gets a little bit interested. He flees leaving all of his friends in tears again!

Pain’s Arrival And Itachi’s Death – 16 To 17 Years After Naruto’s Birth

Naruto World Timeline Explained

Jiraiya was sent to the Village Hidden In Rain to investigate a person named Pain who is the possible leader of the Akatsuki. He found that this Pain was his former disciple Yahiko and was killed by him in the process. Naruto was depressed when he heard about Jiraiya’s demise. He knew that he had to become a lot more powerful to defeat Pain.

Because of this reason, he trains to unlock Sage Mode. On the other hand, Pain attacks Konoha in search of Naruto but is unable to find him. When it seems that everything is destroyed Naruto arrives. As soon as he arrives he starts fighting Pain.

He successfully defeats Pain and goes to Nagato to have a little bit of chat with him. After talking with him and getting to know him a little bit more he convinces Nagato that he will end the cycle of hatred. Nagato then revives the deceased ones. Naruto goes on to become the hero of the village.

Sasuke is also on his way to defeat his big brother. He defeats Deidra and then fights Itachi. Itachi ultimately died because of his terminal illness after fighting with his little brother. After that, Obito meets Sasuke and tells him the story of Itachi’s life.

After knowing the entire truth Sasuke awakens his Mangekyou Sharingan and decides to take revenge on Konoha for making his brother’s life so miserable.

The Fourth Great Shinobi World War – 17 Years After Naruto’s Birth

Naruto World Timeline Explained

Sasuke attacks the five Kage summit for the sole purpose of killing Danzo. However, after facing off against some of the most powerful people on the planet he nearly dies if not for Obito’s help. Obito then goes on to declare war against the Five Great Nations. Later Sasuke finds and kills Danzo brutally.

However, he is almost blind by the overuse of his Sharingan. He uses Itachi’s eyes to gain the Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan. Both Obito and the Five Great Nations were preparing for war. However, our protagonist Naruto trains with Killer Bee on an unknown island to gain complete control over his tailed beast.

He was able to do so after defeating Kurama with Kushina’s help. At first, he didn’t know about the war and was training. However, he left the island as soon as he knew about the ongoing war. He proved to be a great help in the war as he defeated some of the most powerful Shinobis that were reincarnated by Kabuto.

After a heck ton of battles came the final battle against Madara and Obito. Obito became the Jinchuriki of the Ten-Tails but Naruto talked his way out of this and made him come over to the good side. However, Madara after forcefully taking the Rinnegan and becoming the Jinchuriki of Ten-Tails destroyed the opposing faction. The opponents’ hope of a comeback was left in tatters!

Madara cast the jutsu of Infinite Tsukoyomi and everyone was entrapped in the eternal Genjutsu except for team 7. When it seemed to be going all according to Madara’s plan Black Zetsu betrayed him and revived Kaguya Otsutsuki. Our Team 7 had a final fight against Kaguya Otsutsuki. With the joint effort from team 7 Kaguya Otsutsuki was sealed again by Naruto and Sasuke.

The Final Battle At The Valley Of The End – 17 To 25 Years After Naruto’s Birth

Naruto World Timeline Explained

However, Sasuke wanted to have one final conclusive battle with Naruto. He got what he wanted! After a gruelling fight, both Naruto and Sasuke were seriously injured but Naruto was able to convince Sasuke to come back to Konoha! So, in a way, Naruto was the one who won. 25 years after Naruto’s birth, our protagonist married Hinata and had two kids with her namely Boruto and Himawari. He also fulfilled his dream by becoming the Seventh Hokage after the Sixth Hokage, Kakashi Hatake.

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