NBA 2K22: How to buy & equip Slide Sandals

NBA 2K22 is one of the most loved games so far. Players find it fascinating to roam around the map and enjoy the wonderful graphics, gameplay experience, and various features like trading. The developer of NBA 2K22 is Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports. It is available on every platform, and you can easily purchase it from the Steam Store for $44.44 US Dollars for PC.

Casual wear is favorite almost for everyone. It doesn’t matter if he/she is a sportsperson or a regular employee of a company,all love casual wear. NBA2K22 concentrates on its fashion. NBA 2K22 organizes fashion walks too, and you can participate in that too. You might have crossed the fashion stores on your map. It has a different name which depends on the type of console you are on. You have to move a long way to find your fashion store and purchase what you require. Below is a guide to purchase and equip your slide slip, also known as flip flops.

NBA 2K22: How to buy & equip Slide Sandals?

The first step is to load into the neighborhood. Once you spawn in, move around to your right and find the elevator. Reach out to the elevator,a dialogue box will appear and scroll down to select Deck 4 and then select promenade. The slide sandals/ flips flop will be available at the EDISON sporting goods store. Move to your left side of the promenade and cross the Puma Store and Swags Store to reach EDISON sporting goods. You will find it before the Adidas Store. Now when you are inside the EDISON store, click on the tab that says i slide. There you will find a variety of sandals that you can try and purchase. Scroll down to look for your desired slide sandal and purchase one.

NBA 2K22: How to buy & equip Slide Sandals
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Remember on which console you are playing. NBA 2K22 is as current-gen on PS4 and Xbox One. Whereas on PS5 and Xbox X|S Series, it is known as next-gen. If you are on the next-gen, you will have to navigate all down the way to the new city map to find the promenade. But on the current-gen version, it is easier to find because of the elevator.

How to equip slide sandals / flip flops?

The next part is to equip your purchased slide sandal. The next step is to press the options to bring up your menu. Scroll over to my player and select close. Then click on the neighborhood and look for the shoe section. Once you reach the shoe section and you will find the sandals there. Select the sandal you want to equip, and you will find the equip option down. Select on that to equip your purchased slip sandal.