NBA 2K22: How to change affiliations in next gen?

NBA 2K22 is considered the best game so far in the NBA series. The game demands players to compete against each other and master their basketball gaming skills. The MyCareer mode in NBA 2K22 allows players to experience the journey of a new basketball player to become an ultimate basketball star. The players need to choose which affiliation they would like to join in NBA 2k22 next-gen The City. These affiliations are teams having their basketball courts within the City and also have many rewards for players. You can even change your affiliation if you want to explore other associations. You can also challenge players from other affiliations and match up against them in their courts too.

NBA 2K22: How to change affiliations in next gen?

There are four available affiliations in NBA 2K22. They are called Beasts of the East, North Side Knights, South City Vipers, and the Western Wildcats. Under MyCareer in next gen City, players must get affiliated to one of them, as it is an important feature of the City experience. Each affiliation provides specific rankings, permitting players to gain extra rewards. Players get their daily spin and season events from the affiliations.

 change affiliations in NBA 2K22
The four Affiliations in NBA 2K22

As the new players start exploring the new City in MyCareer of NBA 2K22 for the first time, they may think of changing affiliations. Although, there is no such advantage of switching to another affiliation leaving one. If you play with players from the same affiliation as yours, the entire team earns extra rewards. Players may get the urge to change affiliation in NBA 2K22 after choosing one to play with friends together. Or, you can bring your squad to your current affiliation.

In order to change affiliation in NBA 2K22, you will have to go to the Town Hall of the affiliation that you would like to join. You can find it easily on the City map. On reaching there, talk to the guards at the front, and the Affiliation Transfer Request screen will pop up. There you can select the new affiliation you want to join and confirm it.

Side effects of changing affiliation sin NBA 2K22

Remember, it is easy to change from your current affiliation to a new one in NBA 2K22. But in doing so, you will lose all the progress in your original affiliation. You will have to start from the beginning in a new association. So be pretty sure before you go for changing your affiliation.