NBA 2K22 MyCareer: How to request a trade?

NBA 2k22 is the successor of NBA 2K21, published by 2K Sports. You can take over this game with your skills like dribbling combos, precise shooting, stifling, and all the other skills you need to play. It is fun playing and has realistic graphics that make it fascinating. NBA 2k22 is available on Steam Store for $44.44 US Dollars. It is also available on PlayStation Xbox and all other gaming consoles. NBA 2k22 gives players a unique opportunity to request a trade-in from their requested team. Players can even roam the city or travel aboard a luxury cruise ship such as Cancha Del Mar. The update and changes to every new series in NA 2K22 give a fresh game experience. NBA introduces new iterations to every series, which brings new ways to play the game. It also has many activities, which on completion, players will receive badges to characters. The badges will develop characters to unlock new features available such as trading.

NBA 2k22 MyCareer: How to request a trade?

It is a long process and takes some cutscenes without interacting dialogues and some meetings. Some factors determine whether the trade request will be accepted or not. Those factors are, the character has to play at least ten games with its certified team, and the character has to become a starter in its first ten games.

NBA 2k22 my career request a trade
Trade options in NBA 2K22

A player can request a trade of its character by following a few steps once the above conditions meet its requirements.

  • A cutscene will trigger where they will sit with their GM, discussing the move up to starter after you reach the spawn points. It will cover many cutscenes, and you have to choose some dialogue options to complete the trade successfully and fast.
  • The next step is viewing a video posted by Kendrick Perkins, discussing trade rumors and bad-mouthing the player. Choose “Yes. I want a fresh start somewhere else” to continue the trade request when the dialogue box appears.
  • The final step is to choose among the top three picks. Often characters receive an offer from their first pics. Choose a team with high-rated players that match the character skills. Players will receive an option to choose aggressively, which will speed up the process. Finally, after sitting with the GM once more, you break the news with Ricky, and you will meet the last Agent. He will confirm your trade request.