New Ark 2 leaks tell about maps, story and many more

Ark 2 is an upcoming video game sequel of the very successful Ark: Survival Evolved in development by Studios Wildcard. The announcement of the game was made at the Game Awards 2020. The gameplay of Ark 2 will possibly be a sandbox survival game based on the pre-historic theme, similar to the Ark. The game will come with a multiplayer experience and retain features like fight and tame pre-historic creatures and fight for survival in the wilderness.  The key aspect of Ark 2 will be the involvement of the famous Hollywood actor Vin Diesel as a lead character.  As the trailer of Ark 2 dropped in December 2020, we can get a glimpse of the combat and graphics of the game. It will come with a new world, vast and more impressive compared to the first game.

Recent news of Ark 2 new maps, story

There has been a leak released on Twitter regarding the upcoming Ark 2 game. According to this leak, Ark 2 will release with three maps at its launch. This time more focus will be given to the maps, presenting an exciting wild experience. The pre-historic creatures will have sleep cycles. Depending on the creatures, they will have a more balanced schedule and nocturnal activities. The character customization will be completely different from the first game. All the leaks came from a source who claims to be a member of the development team of Ark 2. The identity of the source is yet unknown. From the trailer, we can surely expect an enriching wild adventure with raging dinosaurs and brutal enemies. As said by Microsoft, the character of Vin Diesel is named “Santiago” which will make Ark 2 real fun to play.

Ark 2 Leaks
Vin Diesel in Ark 2

Studios Wildcard has not revealed any release date of Ark 2, but we can expect it by 2022. It is not sure whether there will be an early access launch or a full game launch. The game will exclusively launch for Xbox Series X|S. Ark 2 may also release for PC and PS5 if they follow the release format of Ark: Survival Evolved.

Can we expect an Ark 2 story?

For now, we cannot confirm whether Ark 2 will follow a traditional pre-historic storyline. The game will focus more on exploration, multiplayer experience, and unique sci-fi background. As in the trailer of Ark 2, we see that Vin Diesel, as “Santiago,” has a family to lead. The story will revolve around him. These are just assumptions,we all are waiting for the launch of Ark 2 in 2022.