New Pet Simulator X update 7 pets leaked online

Pet Simulator X is the third version in the Pet Simulator Series. The gameplay of Pet Simulator X is almost similar to the gameplay of Pet Simulator 1 and 2. The game first arrived on July 29th and was developed by Big Games Simulator. Pet Simulator X is the latest game in the Pet Simulator Series, available on Roblox. This version of Pet Simulator has tons of benefits, features, and pets that you can earn and increase your collection with the rarest pets in the game. The brand new weekly update is most likely coming this Saturday, September 25th, 2021. Before that, new pets have been surfaced online, which are reportedly coming in the update. Check out the leaked pets below.

New leaks for update 7 in Pet Simulator X

Preston reveals there will be some more huge cats in this update. Most probably, the new code for the new light goal is out. Preston said in his discord server that he recently shifted to his new place and got to set up the internet settings. So the update is most likely to come on September 25th, 2021. It will possibly be a small update.

Pet Simulator X leaks and updates
New Pet in pet Simulator X

He also revealed some pictures on his discord and Twitter of what is coming in this update. The leaks showed a Steampunk cat and some other fox-like pet with a top hat. These pets are supposed to be in the high Tech World. Moreover, the time upgrades of the Dark Matter Machine will also be improved. There may be something tied up with the time upgrades for gems. It means if this feature comes in Dark Matter Machine, you have to earn fewer time boosts somehow to get more efficiency from the Dark Matter Machine.

What is the new Tech World?

Tech World was added to the game in Space Update. It is the third area of Pet Simulator X, and the currency used in this world is Tech Coin Currency. It is like a fantasy, futuristic world and will cost many coins to enter into this new area. The tech world has four biomes, named Tech City, Dark Tech, Tech Shop, Tech Entry. It has eight eggs, out of which Dark Tech Eggs are the rarest. To enter this world, you need to go to the Glacier area at Spawn World. You need to purchase the pass at the entrance, which will cost you 1.5 billion coins. You will find the treasure chest in the middle of the area. So you can start grinding your treasure chest. After purchasing the Tech World, you can unlock the Dark Matter Machine only for 50,000 Tech Coins.