New World Legendary weapons quest list

New World is an upcoming MMORPG launching globally on September 28th,2021. Amazon Games is the developer as well as publisher of this game and will release it for Microsoft Windows only. Players will get the opportunity to create a new destiny in the role of a shipwrecked adventurer. The game location is on a supernatural island of Aeternum, featuring wilderness, brutal animals, and ruins for players to explore. New World is coming with a real-time combat system, and also solo fights, in small squads or massive armies for PvE and PvP wars. The game is based in the mid-seventeenth century giving historic experience to its players. you can pre-order New World and enjoy privileges and exciting rewards!

New World Legendary weapons quest list

The first sneak peek of the Legendary weapon quests was given in the Alpha Testing Resumes, when the first patch notes were released. On October 20th, the quest line for Heavensplitter. Great axes along with the quest for The Reformation was added to the Alpha test on December 15th. The rapier Frozen Lament was added on January 19th and the final weapon which is the ice gauntlet, along with the Legendary Rimelash was introduced on April 20th. Rimelash is a special weapon as it has all the five perks slots filled, making it the ultimate legendary weapon in New World. All the other weapons with four perks slots are considered epic weapons now. Therefore, on discussing the legendary weapons quest list we mean these weapons.

  • Straight Sword: Twilight’s Fall
  • Tower Shield: Rook’s Defense
  • Round Shield: Boundless Ward
  • Rapier: Frozen Lament
  • Hatchet: Azure Ravager
  • Great Axe: Reformation
  • War Hammer: Rampant Conviction
  • Musket: Clamorous Vox
  • Fire Staff: Prime Resolve
  • Life Staff: Glimmering Mercy
  • Ice Gauntlet: Rimelash
  • Spear: Heavensplitter
  • Bow: Torrent
New World Legendary weapon quest list
Legendary weapon in New World

How to unlock Legendary Weapons in New World?

You need to have pre-order the game as New World will globally launch on September 28th, 2021. In order to unlock the legendary weapons, you must start with the quest of Eintou Madaki in Mountainhome. The quest is called Madaki’s Strategem, and on completing it you can obtain the weapon molds. The quest will only be offered if you have 20 Weapon Mastery in the weapon you would like to craft. In the quest you will have to gather quest materials to have the NPC craft the weapon for you. The task will take a few hours, as the quest materials are hidden at different locations. On collecting all of them, you can finally obtain the Legendary weapon.