One Piece Chapter 1027 Spoilers Reddit Release Date, Break Information


Well, One Piece chapter 1026 is about to release on official platforms, but leaked scans are already up on Reddit. Usually, leaked and official scans are almost the same, which means you can read 1026 chapter ahead of release. Also, the leaked scans give accurate information about the next chapter break like the official. Coming to the 1026 chapter, it has shown how strong Luffy has become. From a guy traveling in barrel, he can now divide the sky like legendary pirates and Yonkos. If you have already read the chapter, you must be wondering when will chapter 1027 spoilers come on Reddit. Is one piece chapter 1027 on break? Don’t worry, and we got this covered for you.

One Piece Chapter 1027 Spoilers Reddit Release Date


One Piece chapter 1027 spoilers will be available on Reddit by September 29, 2021. We can expect chapter 1027 to have 1-2 or no page for Luffy vs. Kaido because that is the center attraction of the arc. Before that, Sanji vs. Queen and Zoro vs. King need to be shown. Also, Momonosuke is on a roll to stop Onigashima. We may see a glimpse of him figuring out a way to stop the island. He will probably face Orochi, who must know about how to stop the island. It will lead us to Momonosuke vs. Orochi, which seems logical as Orochi is the current Shogun, and Momo will be able to become Shogun only by defeating Orochi.

One Piece Chapter 1027 is not on break, so we can see the chapter dropping on October 3, 2021.

Where to Read One Piece Chapter 1027 Online

You can read One Piece Chapter 1027 online on VIZ and Manga Shueisha plus.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Recap

In chapter 1026, Tanguyama asks O’Toko if she is having fun. She replies yes. Tanguyama thinks about Tama when she decided to leave Wano and help Luffy and others. Now, Tenguyama seems worried about her.

At the Onigashima rooftop, Mary sends the update of the fight. She reports that Yamato is injured while the two dragons are going to clash. The Blue one is Kaido, and Luffy is riding on the pink one. Kaido attacks Momo with Bolo breath. Luffy asks Momo to counter it with the same technique, but Momo wonders how he can make a fire like that. Momo first dodges that fire, then Luffy dives and smashes Kaido’s arm with an elephant gun and tells Momo to bite Kaido. First, Momo refuses, but then after seeing a short flashback of what Kaido has done, he bites Kaido and warns him.

In the treasure room, Inuarashi transforms back into base form. Jack sees the moon covered by black clouds that the dragons summoned. Perospero sings a song for Jack with a main verse on the moon and says his luck has run out. Carrot and Wana remind Neko about his vanished sulong form. On to Luffy and Momo vs. Kaido, Luffy talks with Momo in a loud voice. Everyone hears them. He asks Momo if he now fears anything after Biting Yonko himself. Momonosuke replies no, and then Luffy tells him to go and stop Onigashima. Everybody on find that Momonosuke is a pink dragon.

Kaido turns into a hybrid form and wonders if Luffy can beat him. Luffy says that if he is alive, then he can beat him. Then both clash and unleash Supreme Haki. A massive explosion causes the sky to split, which clears out the clouds from the moon. On the other side, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi transform once again and attack Perospero with their signature attack. Orochi sees Jack and Perospero got defeated but said that he doesn’t care.