One Piece World Timeline Explained In Order

One Piece is an animanga series that shows its viewers the story of Monkey D. Luffy. His great and ambitious dreams of becoming the Pirate King who is the person with the most freedom in this world and also is the one who rules all seas and oceans of unimaginable. Today in this article, we will be explaining One Piece’s world timeline in order. So, make sure to read until the end. Now, let’s begin with this article without any further ado!

1. The Formation Of The Tree Of Knowledge – 5000 Years Ago

One Piece World Timeline

The Tree Of Knowledge is located in Ohara in the One Piece world. This island is the birthplace of Niko Robin who is the archaeologist of the Straw Hat pirates. This tree was loved by each and every soul of Ohara. The island of Ohara eventually became a hub for archaeology and research. People residing here loved history more than anything in the world!

2. The Palace Of Alabarna In Alabasta – 4000 Years Ago

The Palace of Alabarna in Alabasta was built around some 4000 years ago from the current storyline. This palace contained a Poneglyph which was later to be found out by Nico Robin in the Alabasta arc. This palace is of high significance as it is also the home of the royal family of the Nefertari bloodline who rule this kingdom. The Nefertari are also one of the 20 kings who were involved in creating the world government after The Great War.

3. The Rise Of The Golden City Of Shandora – 1100 Years Ago

One Piece World Timeline

The Mythical Golden City of Shandora rises into power and prospers. However, this prosperity wouldn’t last for long. This city was originally part of the island of Jaya. However, a natural phenomenon called Knock-up Stream sent this island into the sky onto the sky continent of Skypea.

This island plays a role of great significance in the Skypea arc. The great adventurer and traveler Mont Blanc Noland found this island when he was out on an expedition. However, he was later executed when no one found a trace of this island when arrived at the given location by Noland. Hence, he was named Noland the Liar.

4. Zunesha Is Born – 1000 Years Ago 

One Piece World Timeline

Some 1000 years ago from the current storyline the gigantic elephant Zunesha was born into the world of One Piece. However, a couple of centuries later he was sentenced to roaming the seas forever for some unknown crime that he committed. During all the time he spent roaming the seas he grew the island of Zou. On this isolated island resided the Minks tribe.During this period of time, the dispute between the Long-Leg and the Long-Arm tribe also began. Eventually, the Straw Hat pirates would arrive on the island of Zou later in the series.

5. The Void Century – 900 To 800 Years Ago

One Piece World Timeline

Some of the most important events happened in the Void Century which changed the One Piece world forever! Although we don’t particularly know most of the major events that took place in the Void Century we do know one thing. At the start of the Void Century, a great kingdom ruled the world. This kingdom also possessed all three of the ancient weapons which are Poseidon, Uranus, and Pluton.

However, a war broke out between the Great Kingdom and an alliance that comprised a total of twenty nations! This alliance would later on win this war and will eventually form the World Government of the current timeline that we know of! This World government on the surface is run by the Five Elders or Gorosei. However, there is a key figure behind all of this.

This person is the one who sits on the “EMPTY THRONE” and is also the one who truly governs the world! His name is Imu. The World Government prohibits researching anything about the Void Century as it can potentially cause the organization to fall apart. This is also the reason why Ohara which is Robin’s hometown was burnt down to the ground by a Buster Call!

6. Oars Is Born – 659 Years Ago 

One Piece World Timeline

Oars is the giant that was born 659 years ago from the current storyline in the One Piece world. He is also called the Continent-Puller. This is so because of his tremendously large size. Oars is 67 meters or 220 feet in height which makes him colossal even amongst the giant.

He died from frostbite but later on, it was revealed that he survived in the Thriller Bark arc. He plays one of the major roles in the Thriller Bark arc alongside Gekko Moria as his puppet and gives our Straw Hats a tough time!

7. Noland Finds The City Of Gold – 400 Years Ago

One Piece World Timeline

Mont Blanc Noland who is an adventurer and traveller found the Golden City of Shandora on the island of Jaya 400 years ago from the current timeline. He made many friends there and had a good time. When he returned home from his great expedition he told his king that he found a city of gold on the island of Jaya. However, there was absolutely not even a single trace of a Golden City when both Noland and the king arrived at the island of Jaya!

This is so because Shandora was shot up in the sky to the continent of Skypea by a natural phenomenon called Knock-UP Stream. He was given the title of Noland the liar and was executed as a result of lying to the king himself. His future generations also suffered as they were also called a liar which made their lives miserable.

8. The Terror Of The Germa 66 – 300 Years Ago 

Some 300 years ago from the current timeline Germa conquered the entirety of North Blue for a whole 66 days. Hence, the name Germa 66! Soon after they lost their territory and tried to reclaim it but that effort was in vain. Their terror and tyranny were feared by every single being in the North Blue.

Vinsmoke Sanji who is from Germa 66 family was the odd one out. He was abandoned by his own father and spent almost all his childhood at the Baratei’s with Zeff. He goes on to become the cook of the Straw Hat Pirates and embarks on a journey with them!

9. Fishman Island’s Hardships – 200 Years Ago

200 years from the main timeline the residents of Fishman Island faced a lot of difficulties with the humans. The World Government formed an alliance with the Fishman Island. However, even after this agreement the merfolks were still discriminated against and faced a lot of prejudice. However, after some years Whitebeard declared this area as his territory and gave his protection to the island without asking for anything in return.

Even this didn’t improve their political relationships with the humans. The fishermen still despised humans for putting them through such suffering. This changed when Luffy declared Fishman Island as his territory. They then started to trust humans a little bit more and even attended a Reverie after several years.

10. The Tragic Incident With The Rumbar Pirates – 52 Years Ago

Brook who is now a part of the Straw Hats as the musician of the crew was earlier in the pirate group of Rumbar Pirates. Rumbar pirates were a decent pirate group with a rather cheerful atmosphere. There was also a baby whale in their group which they named the Laboon. Later on, they faced a rather strong pirate group and were defeated utterly.

All of the members of the crew decided to go out while singing their favorite song which was Bink’s Sake! They succumbed to poison and met their end including Brook. However, Brook’s soul after dying returned to his body because of his devil fruit powers. However, sadly Brook’s whole body was reduced to bones when the soul found its way to its body.

Later on, in the Thriller Bark arc Brook officially joined the Straw Hat Pirate group and set on a journey again in the hopes of meeting his lovely friend waiting at the entrance of the Grand Line.

11.  The God Valley Incident – 38 Years Ago

One Piece World Timeline

This incident is very well known amongst the fandom. 38 years ago from the current timeline, there was a pirate captain named Rocks D. Xebec who sailed on the seas for the sole purpose of conquering the world! His crew included the legendary Big Mom, Kaido, and even Whitebeard himself. All of these which hardly need any introduction go on to become the emperors of the sea.

Back to the topic, the world domination of Rocks D. Xebec was stopped by Monkey D. Grap and Gold D. Roger in a joint operation. The place where this battle took place is called the God Valley. Both the name of God Valley and Rocks D. Xebec were wiped out from history by the World Government!

12. The Execution Of The Pirate King – 24 Years Ago

One Piece World Timeline

The Pirate King Gold D. Roger was executed by the Marines 24 years ago from the current timeline. Roger found out that he had a terminal disease and decided to disband the Roger pirates after reaching the last island and surrendering to the Marines. Before his death, he started the Great Pirate Era by uttering the legendary words “IF YOU WANT MY TREASURE, FIND IT. I LEFT EVERYTHING THIS WORLD HAS TO OFFER THERE!” 

13. Shanks Meets Luffy – 12 Years Ago

One Piece World Timeline

Shanks who is one of the Four Emperors of the Sea currently was 12 years ago from the current timeline of the story went to the Windmill village and met Luffy there. After some time, Luffy ate the Gum-Gum fruit that Shanks stole from a World Government ship and gained the properties of Rubber. Luffy became so enraptured by Shanks that he decided to become a pirate. Shanks handed his Straw Hat and both of them promised each other that Luffy would return that hat to Shanks once he became strong enough.

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