Overlook Bay Extinction event teases Dinosaurs

Overlook Bay is a Roblox game created by WonderWorks Studio which depends on Animal Crossing. Overlook Bay concentrates on gathering the in-game money, gems, which can be acquired by taking part in roles like raising pets, and taking part in unique activities like fishing and mining. Jewels can be bought utilizing Robux. Players can trade Gems for pet cases, devices, pets, and houses. Overlook Bay has an impression of the game, Adopt me. You can take up responsibilities to acquire yourself a few diamonds like cultivating and selling fruits from fruit trees, catching fish, discovering secret fortune, and significantly more. 

If you have had a good time in Adopt Me, this game ought to be a perfect fit for you. There are at present 37 pets with six distinct rarities. The standard way you get pets is by procuring diamonds and buying pet tickets in the pet shop! Jewels can be obtained through the completion of several jobs, and furthermore through selling shells, fish, and organic fruits! It has better quality pets, movements and occasions have exertion placed into it, it thinks often about its clients without Robux and there’s a lot more to do. It additionally comes with other fun mini-games. Overlook bay has revealed the extinction event that will be coming on Friday,13 August 2021. It comes with several features including 

11 new pets, new vehicles, Tools,1 new house, 30+New Furniture things, new mission with 15 Unlockables! 


Overlook bay extinction event teases dinosaurs. As the WonderWorks studio has teased the feature of dinosaurs as pets coming this Friday. We were shown a sneak peek of 4 of the 11 pets. A year ago adopt me had posted a tweet teasing a dino pet quoted as “small arms“. Now overlook bay has released us the image of 4 new dinos with the same quoting small arms. The fans are hyped and waiting in anticipation to experience the new dinos !!