Pet simulator update 3 patch notes – Hell island , 10 new pets, Gamepass, Dupe fix and more

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the second update of the Roblox game Pet Simulator X on August 15th, 2021, which was launched with fascinating features such as two more locations of Candy Island and Haunted Island, 15 new pets such as cupcake, unicorn, Skeleton, and 2 new eggs – Rainbow egg and Haunted egg and Mythical phantom wolf, teleports feature, auto-delete feature along with a lot of fixes and improvements. We also discussed the news on the game developer Preston that he would be adding two new portals in the update and the two portals would be heaven and hell with an angel dog and angel cat with a halo above its head for heaven and a demonic spider for hell.

Pet Simulator X Update 3 Patch Notes

The BIG Games Studio has launched the Pet Simulator X  update 3 on 25th, August 2021, within 10 days since the second update. Hyped up already? Update 3 has been launched with brand new exciting features such as,

  1.  Hell Island – A brand new island has been added as hinted by Preston in his tweet. It is reported that this island is filled with a lot of treasure chests.
  2. 10 New Pets! Like we got the phantom wolf as a mythical pet in the last update, we have another mythical pet in this update along with the addition of new pets and 3 special and exclusive pets.
  3. Auto Hatch Pass – This new game pass helps us to a great extent, enabling us to hatch the eggs automatically. Preston has stated that it took a long for them to add this particular feature.
  4. Lucky Pass – This pass is reportedly to be one of the highly requested features by the fans. Purchasing this pass will provide us with a permanent lucky boost which is said to be half as good as the super lucky boost. This is indeed one of the most beneficial features for all the players.
  5. New Rank! Update 3 has also added a new rank which is extremely difficult to reach. Only the best in the game will be able to reach the new rank as it is a highly advanced one.
  6. No more dupes! The brand new update has banned most of the dupe stash accounts and also has reverted the duped diamonds. No illegal exploits will be allowed hereafter.
  7. Auto Delete Indicators – Since a lot of players were complaining about the vanishing of pets, Preston has added the feature to indicate or detect the deleted pets. This feature has received a very good reception from the players.

Along with these 7 main features, a lot of other in-game errors and server issues have been fixed. Pet Simulator X update 3 has already received a great reception from all the players because of the most essential changes made to the game and the addition of new exciting features. We hope you all love the update. We will be providing you with in-depth details on the new features such as Hell island, new pets including mythical ones as soon as possible.