Pet Simulator Update 4 A.K.A Heavens Patch Notes Details- New Pets, Codes, Islands and More

This week we saw Big Games Studio dropping 3rd, aka hellish update of Pet Simulator X, including a bunch of 7 pets with 1 mythical and 3 exclusive ones, 2 new passes, a new rank, and a hell island filled with a lot of chests. The update also fixed the most known issues of duping, and auto-delete enabled in the game. However, this was not the last update of August. Yes, as announced by the developer, contrary to the hellish update, the heaven update is the last one of the month and is live right now in the game with a lot of new additions. Let’s look at the whole Pet Simulator update 4, aka heavens patch notes, and what it has in the bag for the gamers.

Pet Simulator Update 4 A.K.A Heavens Patch Notes Details

New Additions-Pet Simulator X Update 4, aka heaven

Pet Collection Machine: As the name says, the machine will keep track of every pet you have ever owned in the game from now downwards. The machine will also highlight the pets and their variations you haven’t owned yet. Also, there are free slots that can be equipped with the pets you currently have. Plus, if you are continuously filling up your collection, you will get more free slots as there are 3 slots available for now.

Heaven Island: Contrary to the hellish island, heaven island is also available in the game. Just like hell island, the island on clouds contains a massive heaven chest.

13 New Pets: Total of 13 pets including 1 mythical and 3 new exclusive pets are further added via heaven update.

15 Pets Equipped pass: After many requests, 15 pets equipped pass is once again added to the game but with an increased price of 1,799 robux from 1,399 robux.

Mythical Hunter Pass: This pass increases the chances of hatching a mythical pet and comes with a heftier price.

New Changes- Pet Simulator X Update 4 aka heaven

 Balance Changes

  • Buffed area multipliers in the Fantasy World by a lot
  •  Slashed prices for the portals
  • Lowered prices of some eggs
  • Buffed chances of hatching Mythicals
  • Adjusted the gap between coins and giant area chests in the Fantasy World

Besides balance changes, heaven update has changed the appearance of exclusive pets because of their resemblance with mythical pets. Loading animation and few interface changes are also added.