Pet simulator x dark matter pets leaked ahead of Update 6

The BIG games studio has recently released the Travel Merchant update for Pet Simulator X on September 4th, 2021. We have already discussed the traveling merchant update in our previous blog. If you find it difficult to hatch, fuse or trade any variety of pets in the game, you can buy them from the traveling merchant. However, you must pay millions of diamonds depending on the variety of pets. Traveling Merchant sells you the pets based on your respect level. As known, there are three slots in the tier for determining the respect level.

By buying as many pets as possible from the Traveling Merchant, you can increase your respect level. If you reach the third slot in the tier with enough perks, you will be able to buy the rares and the mythical pets in the game. You must be aware that the traveling merchant spawns every 20-40 minutes in the game and will be available for 10 minutes. The appearance of traveling merchants and the availability of pets depends on the server you play.

Preston did a great job after his summer holidays with the recent traveling merchant update and back-to-back hell and heaven updates last month. At present, rumors and speculations are revolving around the addition of the new feature – the availability of dark matter pets. Yes! That’s right! According to reliable sources, it is reported that the pets in the Pet Simulator X game will be getting dar matter pets. This is a new leak.

Dark Matter PetsLeaks

Dark Matter Pet Leaks
Source: Twitter

We already have normal, golden, legendary, and mythical versions available for pets in the game. What are these dark matter pets?  So If you have played the game Pet Simulator, you would have known about dark matter pets. The so-called dark matter pets involve a dark mythical variety of pets that has more stats when compared to the rainbow version of the pets. To conclude, the dark matter version of pets will be more powerful when compared to normal, golden, and rainbow versions.

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The High Tech update

The addition of this feature is expected to be launched this Saturday on 11th September 2021. It is reported that this will be available along with the upcoming update. The upcoming update features a brand new variety of pets such as cyborg pets (cat variety), scorpion pets, robot pets, alien pets, lightning pets, brand new eggs, new potions, new high-tech coins, and much more! Hyped up already? Therefore, this upcoming high-tech update is going to be one of the biggest updates for Pet Simulator X.  Fingers crossed!! So we hope you find dark matter pet leaks useful!