Pet Simulator X Fantasy Update adds 24 new pets, fantasy world, enchanting circle

Roblox is one of the most popular gaming platforms at the global level. The games released by the Roblox Corporation have never failed to fascinate gamers. Most of the Roblox games are massive hits with their sequels and are also available on well-known major platforms such as Xbox, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Developed by Big Game Simulators, created on 21st January 2021, with a very recent update on 9th August 2021, Pet Simulator X has already become one of the most popular games on Roblox coming under all the genres. Since its release in 2021 in the month of January, the game has hit more than sixty-two million views already, which is really impressive, isn’t it?

Pet Simulator X Update

Pet Simulator X was launched with fascinating features permitting you to gather coins and diamonds to shop for eggs that hatch into various adorable, and sometimes dangerous, pets. These creatures range from precious kittens and puppies to mystical dragons and unicorns. A number of these beasts are difficult to get without a wallet filled with gold, and that’s where we are available. A fresh update has just gone live for the favored Roblox Pet Simulator X! If you’ve reached the ultimate level of the sport, you’ll now have access to the Fantasy World! Head to the present new world. There are many areas to unlock in Roblox Pet Simulator X on your quest to achieve the tip. Reaching the ultimate area and hatching the strongest pets requires patience and many coins and gems. 

To enchant your pets in Pet Simulator X, you may have to trip the Enchanting Circle located within the new Fantasy Zone area. Once you attain the Enchanting Circle, you’ll be able to select a pet and pay 10,000 gems to enchant them with a random bonus. You’ll be able to also replace any current pet enchantments if you wish to roll for a brand new one. The brand new update also includes fairyland, 24 new pets, Enchanting Circle, new enchantments including fantasy coins, glittering, magnet, and royalty allowing pets to do +100% damage, earn +100% more diamonds, and +50% faster movements along with 15 pets equipped to pass, more achievements, and a new max rank. There are many changes and fixes that have also been made!. There’s a bunch of the latest stuff to test out. To add to the hype, you can add the code “Triple275k” for gaining +1 Triple Coins Boost!. It is certain that this game Pet Simulator X would be hitting more than a billion visits in a short period of time. What are you waiting for? Your pets are waiting for you! Join the fun-filled fantasy!