Pet simulator X guide: How to get Dove in Pet Simulator X ?

Heaven update being the most anticipated update after Hell update, was notably released on August 29th, 2021. Along with the expected Heaven portal, several new and exciting features involved the special mythical Hunter pass, pet collection machine, 13 brand new pets including a mythical, and 3 exclusive pets that can be equipped permanently. We discussed the in-depth details of the Traveling Merchant update in our previous blogs.

Like we all know, we have two eggs for each portal – normal and golden eggs. The normal heavenly egg costs 360 Million, and the golden heavenly egg costs 3.15 Billion. Using the mythical pet Hunter and lucky boosts, we can hatch the mythical angelus out of the golden egg. The normal heavenly egg offers you the opportunity to hatch pets like Angel Dogs, Angel Cats, Heavenly Peacock, Dove, Pegasus, and normal empyrean pets.

How to get Dove in Pet Simulator X?

How to get Dove

One of the rarest pets to hatch from the egg is Dove, as it is rare and has only 2 percent of hatching from an egg. You must feel fortunate if you have obtained even a single dove pet having hatched from an egg you bought. If you wonder if it is possible to fuse certain pets to get a dove pet, we are sorry that it is not possible. There are two other ways you can get the Dove pets, other hatching methods and fusing combos.

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Trading Method

We are familiar with the trading of pets in Pet Simulator X. You can trade any pets with another player on the same server to get your desirable pets. Therefore, the trading method is one of the possible methods to obtain dove pets. You can offer a mythical pet and get your desired dove pet in return.

Traveling Merchant

So as we all know, traveling merchant is the most recent update of Pet Simulator X. You can buy as many pets as possible from the traveling merchant when he appears. The pets you buy are based on your respect level. With increased respect, you can unlock tier three to give you the rarest and the mythical pets. So you can make use of this opportunity to get the rare Dove pet(s). If you get a normal pet, convert it into gold using the golden machine, or if you want to make a rainbow version, you can obtain it using the rainbow machine.

These are the two working methods to get the dove pet without buying and hatching the eggs.