Pet Simulator X Guide : How to get Various pets, Best Fusing Combos List

Developed by the Big Games Studio, Pet Simulator X is one of the best role-playing fantasy games on Roblox. The game features a variety of exciting fantasy pets and fantasy areas. The pets can be normal, golden, rainbow, legendary, and even mythical. These pets can be hatched from a variety of eggs belonging exclusive to each portal in the game. Coins can unlock the portals, and the eggs can be bought with diamonds. Following are six main portals in the game:

  1. Ancient Island Portal
  2. Samurai Island Portal
  3. Candy Island Portal
  4. Haunted Island Portal
  5. Hell Island Portal
  6. Heaven Island Portal

Methods to get pets

Depending on the portals, there are a variety of eggs and pets. For instance, we have hellish eggs for hell island that provide us with hellish pets. Generally, the eggs are of two types – normal and golden. This means we can hatch normal pets on hatching normal eggs and golden pets on hatching golden eggs.  The different versions of pets have different stats. The legendary and mythical pets are the most powerful ones in the games. It isn’t easy to obtain rare and mythical pets. To get pets, we can make use of 4 different methods. They are:

  1. Hatching
  2. Fusing Combos
  3. Trading
  4. Traveling Merchant


Hatching is the most primary method to obtain pets. All we need to do is to buy the eggs belonging to a portal and hatch them. We need diamonds to buy the eggs. Based on our fortune, we will get pets from hatching. For rare and powerful pets, lucky passes can be used.

Fusing Combos

Fusing is one of the interesting methods to obtain pets. It involves emerging of different pets to obtain a different desired pet with higher stats. There is a fusing machine in the beach fantasy area to execute this process.


Trading is one of the most beneficial methods in the game, as players can trade pets with mutual concern. Note that you can trade only with the players in your game server at the same time. Both the players have to agree mutually. One must offer, and the other one must accept and execute it.

Traveling Merchant

Traveling Merchant spawns every 20-40 minutes in the game. He will be present for a duration of 10 minutes. The players can buy pets from the traveling merchant by using diamonds. The cost of pets may range from 1 Million to 24 Million. The players can buy as many pets as possible. Based on the respect level, a player will be able to buy the pets. A maxed respect level will allow the players to obtain the rarest and mythical ones.

Here we have provided you with an ultimate guide to provide these best ways to get various pets in the game along with the best fusing combos. Check them out!

 How to get Various pets in Pet Simulator X


How to get Various pets

Best Fusing Combos list in Pet Simulator X


There you go! We hope you find our guide completely beneficial!