Pet Simulator X Heaven Update 4 Leaks : New Mythical Pets, Passes and More


The fans are in a frenzy over the Pet Simulator X update 3 which has been released recently on 25th August 2021. With millions of players still exploring the brand new fascinating features, one of the reliable sources on its Twitter side has tweeted about the leaks of Pet Simulator X update 4. Yes! That’s quick! The only feature that we are aware of in the upcoming update 4 is the addition of the Heaven Island portal and heavenly pets, as has been stated by Preston earlier. It is reported that we can expect the update very soon probably this Sunday!

Pet Simulator X Heaven Update 4 Leaks

Here we have provided you with the exclusive news on the leaks of Pet Simulator X update 4! Check them out!

Heaven Island

Like the last update featured the Hell Island portal with two big chests, update 4 will feature Heaven Island. In Heaven Island, it is reported that we will have two big cheats namely Heaven chest and Grand Heaven Chest. Sounds heavenly, right?

Heavenly Pets

In the last update, unlocking Hell Island gave us access to the purchase of the hellish eggs and hatch the hellish pets. Likewise, unlocking Heaven Island will enable us to purchase the heavenly eggs and hatch them to get heavenly pets. Some of the heavenly pets that are reported to be featured in update 4 are:

  • Heavenly Dragon
  • Angel Heaven
  • Heavenly Peacock
  • Heavenly Fox
  • Heavenly Horse
  • Heavenly Snake

Mythical Pet

We got the mythical pet, Phantom wolf in the second update of Pet Simulator X and Wyvern of Shades in the third update. Likewise, It is reported that the upcoming update is also going to feature a heavenly mythical pet. Curious already?

Mythical Pass

In the last update, Preston added two game passes namely, Auto Hatch Pass and Ultimate boost pass which are indeed cool and beneficial passes for the players. Likewise, it has been reported that there will be the addition of another pass named, Mythical Hunter. The description of this game pass states that it increases the chances of getting mythical pets permanently. How cool is that! However, the price for this mythical pass is not known yet. Fingers crossed!!

We have provided you with all the details on the leaks of Pet Simulator X we have received thus far. We will surely keep you updated with the game news!