Pet Simulator X High Tech: New Update 6 Pet Leaks and Many More

The last two major updates for Pet Simulator X included the addition of Hell and Heaven Islands, released in August 2021. It made the game more popular than ever. The recent minor update was the addition of Traveling Merchant on September 4th, 2021, from whom you can buy a variety of pets costing from 1 million to 24 million diamonds.

How to get Pogcat?

It was reported that the upcoming dark matter and the hi-tech update would hit soon by this week. Preston has recently made it clear that he still has a lot more to work on, and the update has been postponed to next week. He has stated that “ this gonna be the dumbest update ever.” Preston has added the most anticipated and fascinating feature to the game, with the dark matter and hi-tech update being postponed. Wondering what it is? Pogchamp cat!! Yes, that’s right! It is a hilarious fact that there was no Pogchamp cat available till this update. Now Preston has made Pogchamp cat available for every player in the game with a new minor update. The only thing is that the player must belong to a higher rank.

A secret room!

  • Pet Simulator X New updateThe Pog egg is available in the blue secret room in the game. All you need to do is to follow these simple steps to obtain the pogchamp cat. Check them out!

1. Spawn blue building, which you will find on your left in the game.
2. Now go near the blue door and say knock knock!
3. There you go! You will enter the secret place in the game, where you can obtain the pog egg. Make sure you have activated all the lucky boos passes.

Note that for some players, this may not work on their mobile devices. Also, hurry up, as it is reported that the pog egg will leave by September 18th, 2021.

Pet Simulator X High Tech: New Update 6 Pet Leaks

With expectations set high, the big update will be released next week, on September 18th, 2021. Here we have provided you with the highlights of the new upcoming update! Have a look!

Pet Simulator X New update

  • As we know, this update comes with a brand new variety of cyborg pets such as cyborg dragon, panda, cat, bunny, Dominus, Ducky, and mortus.
  • We have an addition of three well-known cats – Nyan cat, knife cat, and grumpy cat.
  • Another feature making us hyped up is the addition of a new coin called the High tech coin. This means that we will also get a high-tech coin chest.
  • To add to the fascination, we have a variety of eggs – Scrap metal, titanium, high tech, super high tech, combustion, alien eggs.
  • Another highlight is that we will have an insane addition of the dark matter version of pets. The dark matter version is more powerful than the Rainbow version of pets.

Pet Simulator X New updateThere you go! The upcoming high-tech update is indeed worth the wait! Fingers crossed!