Pet simulator x: New leaked pets ahead Update 5

We are way too familiar with the awesome Roblox game Pet Simulator X that was recently launched with hell and heaven portals. We have discussed all the updates and their new features in our previous blogs. The game is known for a variety of exciting pets, let it be the normal pets, golden pets, rainbow pets, legendaries, and mythical pets. The Big Games studio has never failed to impress the fans and keep them on cloud nine. Now following update 4, there are real high anticipations regarding new leaked Pets. Yes, that’s right!

Pog Cat in Pet Simulator X

Pet simulator x: New leaked petsThis all started when Preston tweeted “there is a way to get pog cat btw“. Wondering how to get a pog cat? Go to the pet collection machine. Scroll down to the bottom where legendaries and exclusives are kept and you will find pogcat next to the blobfish. Note: Only one exists! It is an interesting fact that there is only one pog cat in the game played by about 148,000 players. How insane is that. People have been trying various methods to get the pog cat!! They’ve tried exploring places where no one would and have tried all the combinations to fuse and get the pog cat. But nothing has worked! As only one pog cat is present in the game, it must have already been owned by someone, or Preston himself.

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Get ready for the grumpy one(s)!

However, that doesn’t matter now because a new pet is coming according to Preston’s tweet. Preston has tweeted “grumpy cat > pog cat“. So, what is a grumpy cat? Grumpy cat is based on a real-life cat and it was an American internet celebrity cat that was known for its permanently grumpy facial expression which was caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism. Sadly, this cat passed away on the 14th of may but will always live on pet simulator x. This grumpy cat will probably come to Pet Simulator X as an exclusive pet to be purchased.

Cyborg Pets on their way

Pet simulator x: New leaked pets
Source: Twitter

Cyborg pets are kind of what’s leaking out right now for the upcoming update which kind of matches with the 25 Billion worth area that is located inside the main world. This is no longer available to purchase because Preston went ahead and disabled this. We can assume that he is working on the update. The cyborg pets indeed look cool. This is more likely the first batch of them. The chances are that we are going to get a bunch of other ones later on during the week as we get closer to the update. The next batch of released pets is interesting as they’re being called the Cat knife, Nyan cats, and grumpy cats. Also, there are golden variants of these pets too which is indeed mind-blowing! Fingers crossed!!

Pet simulator x: New leaked pets