Pet simulator X new update leaks: Party Cat, Sapphire Phoenix, new icons, and many more!

Pet Simulator X New update

The game Pet Simulator X has been one of the greatest and successful games of Roblox. This game is for those players who love pets. They can adore their pets over here in the digital world. Pet Simulator X is a lot more enjoyable, and things are much easier here. This game gives its players vast and multiple worlds to explore and enjoy. They can grow their collection of pets by trading in various worlds available in the game. Pet Simulator X contains huge cats, with many other different pets which are adorable. The developers have kept them almost a bug-free game with fewer glitches. It is possible since they bring frequent updates, which keep the game level easy and simpler. Preston from Pet Simulator X is bringing a new update this week, which will bring many new features and new pets. 

Pet simulator X new update leaks: Party Cat, Sapphire Phoenix, new icons, and many more!

The new update of Pet Simulator X is yet to come. But we could confirm some leak updates which are coming in the game for sure. Though, Preston himself has not revealed anything about the leaks of the next update. But the leaks given below stand a strong chance to arrive in Pet Simulator X. The theme of the new update is not yet revealed, but the theme can be something related to the Phoenix theme. Some new pets that will arrive in the next update can be Sapphire Phoenix and Party cat. Their looks are awesome, and they are divided into two groups with two pets in each group. Out of the four pets, one pet could be transformed into a Dark Matter pet.

Pet Simulator X leaks
Pet Collection Tier update in Pet Simulator X

Preston is even adding some new events for the player where you need to complete certain tiers. The tiers will be depending on the number of pets equipped, and it will be very beneficial for the players with high pet collections. 

More Updates and Leaks of Pet Simulator X

The new update of pet Simulator X is going to be awesome. There will be some new decals for the game. Most probably, there will be a withdrawal icon, deposit icon, and chest icon. New audio will be coming to Pet Simulator X for the Loot Bag Boost Collect. Although, the audio will be different for Loot Bag Collect 1, Loot Bag Collect 2, and Loot Bag Collect 3. A “purple button” is revealed in some leaks, but it is not clear what will be the use of this button. Players can see some new secret pets in the game. Pet Simulator X will be rewarding the mystery pets to players for completing any pet task. 

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