Pet Simulator X update 2: New areas, eggs, 15 new pets, mythical rarity, auto-delete, teleport and more

Developed by the BIG Games Simulators, released on July 29th, 2021,Pet Simulator X is a sequel of Pet Simulator alongside Pet Simulator 2. Pet Simulator has emerged as one the most popular Roblox games having hit nearly 110 million visits in less than one month, which is a wow factor of the game.

Pet Simulator X like its prequel games, has been launched with similar smooth and artistic gameplay. However, as the third one in the Pet Simulator series, it is more advanced when compared to the other. This game is released with tons and tons of new unique features that fascinated the gaming audience to a great extent. Like the previous games in the series, the players are given a free pet – either a cat or a dog, with which they have to start their journey in the game. However, in Pet Simulator X, we have legendary and mythical pets including dragons and unicorns .We get to collect coins, buy eggs, hatch them and explore the unexplored areas.

Pet Simulator X update 2

The BIG Games Simulators has recently announced on their Twitter site and released an official update for this game on August 15th, 2021, that comes with more fresh and fascinating features. Check them out!

  • Candy Island!
  • Haunted Island!
  • 15 new pets – Cupcake, unicorn, Skeleton, and much more!
  • 2 new eggs – Rainbow egg and Haunted egg!
  • Mythical rarity!
  • Buy teleports!
  • Auto delete!
  • A lot of fixes and improvements!

The first thing we know will be a part of it is the addition of a feature called auto-delete. This feature will allow you to delete any pet you get in the game which is of a certain rarity. So, if you don’t want any common pets, you can delete them using this feature. Note: After deleting, the pets won’t even enter your inventory. This is a free addition to the game, therefore a game pass is not necessary. Big Games posted the following sneak peek of the Phantom Wolf pet on their Twitter. It belongs to the new rarity which is known as Mythical. These pets are said to be very difficult to get.

Thus to conclude, with brand new features like additional exciting locations to explore, availability of mythical and rare pet(s), and additional in-game features, fixes, and changes, the fans are frenzy over it and have already started exploring and enjoying the game to the fullest. The Pet Simulator X update 2 is such a delightful treat for the fans and has received an overwhelming of positive responses from the fans in less than 24 hours.