Pet simulator x update 3 details leaked: New pets, portals and more

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the second update of the Roblox game Pet Simulator X on August 15th, 2021, which was launched with fascinating features such as two more locations of Candy Island and Haunted Island, 15 new pets such as cupcake, unicorn, Skeleton, and 2 new eggs – Rainbow egg and Haunted egg and Mythical phantom wolf, teleports feature, auto-delete feature along with a lot of fixes and improvements.

It’s just been nine days since the second update of Pet Simulator X has gone live. Now there is already anticipation, speculations, and rumors revolving around Pet Simulator X update 3. It has been reportedly stated by Preston, the inside game developer ( The BIG Games Studio) of Pet Simulator X. He has stated that the third update of Pet Simulator X is going to hit very soon. Hyped up already? We have got news from Preston himself that he has been on holiday and that’s why we have not heard anything from him for one week. Preston spoke last on Sunday 15th August, when the second update of Pet Simulator X was released. However, he has just tweeted out ” Hey I’ve been on vacay with no internet for those wondering. Resuming weekly updates when I get back.”

Pet simulator x update 3
Preston’s Tweet

Pet simulator x update 3 details

Hell’s Gate

Pet simulator x update 3Hopefully, Preston will be adding two new portals in the update.  There are currently 4 portals open, but we have an image that shows 2 more that will be opening very soon. So the theory in the community is that we are going to have heaven and hell. Firstly we have this egg in the previous leak rumors have not appeared yet, so that’s a clue one. Now the hatch, both the leak gang and RGL leaks leaked this hell spider a few weeks ago, and it was leaked with the other fantasy world pets. However, we haven’t witnessed it yet. There is a similar spider in the game, but that’s not a hell spider, and also that we have the demonic creature that looks like the devil flames coming out of its head. This again was previously leaked with the fantasy world pets, however we haven’t seen it yet.

Gateway to Heaven

We also have some images of some pets that look like they are possibly from heaven. There are two portals left, one hell, the next theory of many other people is ‘heaven’. We have an angel dog that will be an entry-level pet, and we also have an angel cat again with a halo above its head, symbolizing possibly heaven and then hell. The two new portals are reportedly launching with the third update that will hit either this Sunday or probably the next Sunday. Fingers crossed!!