Piggy book 2 chapter 12 skin leaks, release date

Piggy Book 2 is a horror-mystery game created by MiniToon. It was released on September 12th, 2020, and is the sequel to Piggy: Book 1. The game features various characters and skins. The goal is to survive from the virus-infected characters and find the cure to the infection. Piggy Book 2 currently has eleven chapters in it, and the 12th Chapter is coming in October. You can play Piggy for free on Roblox’s live server. It is one of the most popular games in Roblox.

Piggy book 2 Chapter 12 leaks

Piggy Book 2 Chapter 11 ends with Penny opening up the door. Now, MiniToon dropped a picture leak of Piggy Book 2 Chapter 12, saying, “Shackles of lost time.” The picture shows a dark-wired hand opening a door that can be Penny’s hand or someone else.  There is also another secret in that same picture that is very hard to find. If you zoom in to the mirror and brighten up the screen, you will find a word written there. The word is not clear at all as most of the letters are half wiped. It’s written with words like P, E, C, A, V. This can be very interesting to find out whether this hidden word has any sort of link with the arm in the leaked picture.

Piggy Book 2 Chapter 12 leaks and release date
Piggy Book 2

A brand new piggy skin will be coming in chapter 12 created by TenuousFlea. He recently dropped a teaser on Youtube, with the title echoing misconduct. It’s actually a snake’s skin with incredible looks, which may be an extra skin in PIggy Book 2, chapter 12. On asking how much will this new skin cost, he stated that it would cost around 700 coins. Although, there are some assumptions that this new skin may come in the upcoming haunting season pass.

Release date of Piggy Book 2 Chapter 12

MiniToon has confirmed through a Twitter post that they are planning to set out Chapter 12 on October 23rd or maybe sooner. The ending of the Chapter will release a week later, which will be the so-called “true ending”.Chapter 12 will release with four initial ones and the last map will drop a week afterward. So this means Chapter 12 will have five endings and will be super fun to play!