Pokemon Legends Arceus Arc Phone: What is it?

The Pokemon games series will be joined with a new upcoming Pokemon game.  Developed by Game Freak, Pokemon Legends: Arceus is a role-playing action game that will launch on January 28th, 2022. This game is published by Nintendo and the Pokemon Company and will only be available on Nintendo Switch. The core gameplay from early Pokemon games will be retained in the main storyline of this game. The open-world feature of settling in Wild Area introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield will also be experienced in it. The mythical Pokemon Arceus will be featured in a major role in Pokemon Legends: Arceus.

Pokemon Legends Arceus Arc Phone

As the new trailer for Pokemon Legends Arceus launched, we got to know about the Arc Phone. It is a piece of futuristic tech that players will receive in the early stages of the game. You will probably get it when you receive a Pokedex from a regular game in Pokemon Legends. As for now, we know that the game’s beginning sets its way in the past, and the events of Arceus occurred long ago. Despite the ancient surrounding of the game and past periods, Pokemon Legends Arceus includes a mysterious smartphone-like device, the Arc Phone.

 Pokemon Legends Arceus Arc Phone
Arc Phone in Pokemon Legends Arceus

The Arc Phone holds mysterious connections to Arceus and has some sort of futuristic powers in it. It will possibly function to present an interactive map of the region and list the player’s current missions. Some assumptions are stating the Arc Phone can also work as the game’s Pokedex. This unique device has similarities to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’s Sheikah Slate. Well, Zelda’s Sheikah Slate was a device that linked power from ancient alien technology. We can surely know more about the powers and features of the Arc Phone after the game’s release.

Arc Phone VS A Modern Smartphone or PC

There seem to be some limitations in comparison of the Arc Phone to a modern smartphone or PC. Before the invention of powerful computers, players were allowed to swap Pokemon only in Pokemon Centers in the first generation of pokemon games. As Pokemon Legends Arceus is based in a settling akin to feudal Japan, this ancient gameplay style is re-invented. Players will be able to hold only six Pokemon at a time. The rest of their Pokemon will be left in the pastures, similar to the early Pokemon games.