[Updated] Pokemon unite patch notes

With the Pokémon company having released Pokémon Unite in July 2021 for Nintendo Switch, they will release it for Android and iOS platforms on 22 September 2021. We have discussed the outline and features of the game briefly in our previous article. After the game’s initial release, the developer has come up with several updates and patch notes.  Version was released on July 28th, 2021, with the addition of the Pokémon Gardevoir, the version was released on 4th August 2021 with the adjustments to Pokémon stats and bug fixes. Version was released on August 6th, 2021, with a lot of bug fixes and Version was released on August 18,2021 with addition of Blissy and a lot of balance changes. Now after much anticipation, Pokémon Unite patch is live in the game.

Pokémon Unite Patch Notes

The update is live now in Pokémon Unite, but like the previous ones, it doesn’t bring many changes to the game. Blastoise is a new addition in the Pokémon biome, but it doesn’t comes with any balance changes like Blissy.

The update also includes the fashionable Blastoise Holowear just like the previously released wears for Pikachu, Eldegoss,Greninja and Absol. Unlike Blissy’s launch, no official update has not been made on Pokémon Unite site regarding Blastoise launch.

In terms of Blastoise’s addition, you can obtain its license for the standard 8,000 Aeos coins or 460 Aeos gems from the Unite Battle Committe. Also, the Blastoise Holowear costs 400 Aeos gems at Zirco.