Power vs Pochita: A Brief Comparison And History

Pochita and Power are the main devils in Chainsaw Man, at least in the first part of the series. Both are extremely powerful individuals, with specific abilities that differed them from the other introduced devils. In the beginning, Denji and Power seemed to be quite matched in terms of strength. But as the story progressed and fans learned more about Pochita, this belief started changing. Here is a comparison between Pochita and Power, with a possible result of their hypothetical fight.

Who is Pochita?

Pochita is the Chainsaw Devil, a demon who represents people’s aversion to chainsaws. Since the story’s inception, he has been Denji’s partner. Soon after his father passed away, Denji discovered him in a close-to-death condition. He gave Pochita his blood so they could have a connection that would benefit both of them and help each other survive.

Pochita’s Abilities and History

Pochita was one of the most dreaded devils in Hell, if not the most dreaded. Although he was known as “The Hero of Hell,” he was actually the boogeyman of the devils. He had a cult following and was known as “The Devil that Devils fear the most”. When they encountered him, the devils fled in fear. This is because he has the ability to consume devils and the fears they stand for, never allowing them to reincarnate ever again.

In terms of Pochita’s personal history, not much is known. There isn’t a lot known about his past other than the fact that he terrified the demons in Hell. Only his battle with the Four Horsemen, four powerful demons (Control, War, Hunger, and Death), and the Weapon Devils who served them are mentioned. Pochita was badly hurt during the battle and managed to reach Earth by drastically altering his appearance. He first met Denji at this time.

Who is Power?

Power, a member of Makima’s elite team, is a supporting figure in the show. She is a Fiend, and she takes great pride in being one. Power is presented as a harsh, ungrateful, gluttonous, and self-centered person. However, it is subsequently revealed that once she starts loving someone, she will do whatever it takes to keep them safe and secure.

Power’s Abilities and History

Power had originally claimed to be so feared among other devils that they fled as soon as they smelled her. But this is likely to be just her being boastful. Power has all the typical abilities that all devils possess. But her regenerating ability is notably much stronger than others. This is due to her being the Blood Devil. As the Blood Devil, she also has the power to transform her blood into weapons during a fight. She can also control the blood in her body and others’ bodies under particular conditions. This allows her to heal or hurt others as she wishes.

There is nothing particular of note about Power’s life prior to her introduction in the story. It is only mentioned that she disliked humans and loved cats. A reason for this could be that her personal history before the story is not that relevant to the plot, at least till now.

Who will win?

The answer to this question is quite straightforward. While we know that Power is strong, there were also many times when she was overpowered and defeated by her opponents. Pochita on the other hand has faced considerably fewer situations like that in the story till now. Also, Pochita’s ability to consume other devils already makes him a menace to his own kind. Therefore, in a fight, if he truly wishes to kill Power, he’ll be able to do that quite easily.