Raft the final chapter players count: How many players play it on PC

Raft Final chapter player count

If you like open-world survival games then this article is just for you. This is a first-person game featuring both single-player and multiplayer modes. The gameplay is themed on the ocean and players will be provided with a raft to survive and escape. The features co-op gameplay and you can form your own crew and dominate the oceans. The game is not free to play and you can purchase a copy from the Steam Store. Read further to know aft the final chapter players count.

Raft the final chapter players count: How many players play it on PC

The game Raft was initially launched as an early access title on Steam on May 23rd, 2018. Many players who have joined the game then are now back after the release of Raft: The final chapter on June 20th, 2022 for Microsoft Windows. As of January 2022, the average player count of the game was only 9,059. However, in the past 7 days, 21,731 players were active on the server while the peak player count touched 100,474. In the last 24 hours, 36,875 players have connected to the game. The hype created by the final chapter of the game brought most of the Raft fans back into action. The player count will increase further as the latest update has turned out to be better than what was expected!

Raft the final chapter players count
Build your own raft and survive the sea

What’s in the Final Chapter

The Final Chapter is undoubtedly the biggest update of the game. There are new exotic destinations with rich loot hidden deep into the sea. The new chapter will feature new enemies, more brutal and strong. We have the swift Anglerfish, Scuttler, Polar Bears, and Hyenas. There are also some new survivors in Raft. These new characters will be scattered in secret places on the map. There’s been a whole new bunch of costumes for every character in the game. The previous bugs and glitches in the game have been updated and players can enjoy better and smoother gameplay in Raft.

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