Read One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers, Break Information and Release Date : Luffy, Yamato, Momonosuke Vs Kaido

As the One Piece Wano arc is steadily approaching its conclusion, the level of War is increasing, and now commanders and all-stars are fully involved in this. Zoro is taking on King, while Sanji and Queen are fighting with their own advanced suits. The intensity of the fight was clearly seen to increase in the last few chapters also for Kaido and Yamato, especially in chapter 1025, and we are hoping to see it on double-fold in chapter 1026 with Luffy coming at dome-head.

One Piece Chapter 1025 Recap and Highlights

In the beginning, Luffy boosts up Momonosuke to fly, who has no experience of flying as an adult. On the top of the skull dome head, Yamato gives her all against Kaido with a series of offensive and defensive attacks however, Kaido seems to be unscathed. Kaido mocks her for running around the island, crawling through attics like a loner. Kaido tries to make her realize that whoever shows her compassion ends up dying through his hands just like the samurai. He continues to mock her dependence on the human beings below her, but she seems to be unaffected by those words.

Luffy and Momonosuke make it to the live floor somehow, but the straw hats captain tells Momonosuke to go to the roof. Momo in dragon form shocks everyone, including Queen, King, and the whole alliance. For a second, they think that it is none other than Kaido. Luffy tells Momonsuke to break through the roof the floors to reach the top. Breaking every floor and shocking everyone at the island, they made it to the top, where Yamato swears to end the war in good’s favor.

Seeing Kaido from distance, Luffy switches to gear four snake man and lands a coordinated attack with Yamato. Luffy turns normal and thanks Yamato for buying him time. Just then, Kaido turns into dragon form and asks how Luffy is still alive and who is another dragon. Luffy says that he will be the King of the pirates, and Momonosuke declares that he is the man who will be the shogun of Wano. Kaido mocks him and ends the chapter with a note that the world doesn’t need another dragon.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Spoilers, Break Information and Release Date

Now Luffy is at the top for the second time, it will take no time for him to launch a barrage of attacks on Kaido. This time Yamato and Momonosuke are also with him, but Momo is unlikely to fight against Kaido. According to rumors, Momo will have his piece of fight against none other than Orochi to fulfill his goal to become Shogun. Therefore, we can possibly see Luffy and Yamato vs. Kaido in chapter 1026. It will be interesting to see what Momonosuke will do ?. Will, he helps them in the fight or go to find Orochi ?. It is also possible that Kaido attacks him first, but Luffy counters it and sends Momo to the live floor. We may also see a continuation of Zoro vs. King and Sanji vs. Queen in the next chapter.

One Piece Chapter 1026 Release date and Break information

One Piece Chapter 1026 is on a one-week break. So, we can see the chapter releasing on Sunday 26th September. You can read all chapters of One Piece on Viz. Media.