Reasons and fixes for Blizzard payments issues

In this post, we discuss fixes for Blizzard payments issues.

Blizzard Entertainment mainly publishes and develops video games. Several popular video games, as well as video game series, have been released by them comprising StarCraft, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Warcraft. The BlizzCon features previews of upcoming Blizzard Entertainment content and games, game-related announcements, costume contests, playable versions of several Blizzard games, and Q&A sessions and panels. For fans, it hosts annual gaming conventions for meeting and promoting the games. Meanwhile, issues related to payments can be faced with Blizzard Entertainment.

Ways to fix the Blizzard payments issue

Clear the cache

  • Close open Blizzard programs and press Ctrl+Shift+Esc for opening the Task Manager. Hit the Processes tab.
  • In case the agent.exe is running, or simply in Windows 10, the Blizzard Update Agent then selects it and hit the End Process.
  • As a next step, navigate to the folder comprising the cache directory: To open the Run dialogue, press Windows Key+R. Into the Run field, type %ProgramData% and press Enter.
  • If in the directory, Blizzard Entertainment exists, then right-click it and delete it.

Internet browser update

Periodic updates are issued by web browsers that might provide new features or just address the previous security risks. For updating the current web browser or downloading the new web browser’s latest tab, go for the distributor’s main website.

Fill out the information correctly

When someone is being careful but in a situation in a hurry, then can even minor details be missed out. This case can be the same while making the payments, and it may have been typed incorrectly. That’s why filling out the payment-related details be sure to correctly fill in the information for avoiding the issues faced in the future.

Contact the bank

In case the issue is due to the bank’s side for not approving the payment transaction of Blizzard one can contact them concerning the matter. The respective bank will look into the issue, and even on the card, if a few restrictions have been made, then ask them for removing the restrictions that may be resulting in obstruction during the payment procedure.

Contact the blizzard community service

If the payment is accepted by Blizzard and even after contacting the bank concerning the issue one fails to find any solution. It is better to contact Blizzard Customer service, whereby they can be contacted through the Blizzard app by phone calls to seek aid from professionals.


It can be concluded that there might be issues related to payments while using Blizzard Entertainment. Even several users highlighted this problem as the payment issue turns out to be a usual problem. But with the help of the above-mentioned solutions, it becomes easy to get rid of it.