Reasons and fixes for discount code not working on Spotify

In this post, we see why the discount code not working on Spotify and how to fix the issue.

The dullest activity can be turned into something enjoyable. Along the services like Spotify one can easily stream their favorite playlists, listen to podcasts and find a customized radio station. The application has the choice for its users in two forms namely a premium account and a free one. A subscription fee is charged in a premium account, but one can get a discount. Many times there is an issue with a discount, like the discount code failing to work properly.

Why discount code not working on Spotify?

There can be several reasons why discount codes fail to work on Spotify. There can be an issue related to connectivity, bugs, payment status, bank issue, etc. In the case of student premium discount, the third party namely SheerID comes into play which verifies the person’s eligibility.¬†

Ways to fix discount code not working on Spotify

Log out and back in

From the Spotify app interface, on the top right corner hit the settings icon, and the settings window will appear. At the very end of the settings list, the log-out option lies. Just hit on the log-out option.

For logging in open Spotify and tap login. If “Continue with Facebook” is chosen previously, then the account is login automatically if the Facebook account is linked with the Spotify account. In another case, log in to continue and enter the password and email.

This force can be done to make an update between the account and the device. Also, check to use the right login details.

Payment through a partner

If the plan is along a partner company like the internet provider or the phone, then they will manage the payments. There is a need to speak to them about the things related to payment. Follow the below steps to reach the provider directly or to check who the provider is:

  • Head over to the Account overview page.
  • Then scroll down to the plan.¬†
  • Under Payment, click the contact link.

Switch to the private window

  • Firstly, go for the Spotify Student page and hit the get started option.
  • For a new account, click the sign-up option or log into the Spotify account.
  • There is a need to enter personal information like name, date of birth, and college.
  • Then hit the verify option. As Spotify is partnered with SheerID it will do the verification of the eligibility as a student.
  • In case it is not working, then try to do it along a private or incognito window of the browser before going for the payment option.
  • There is a need to enter the billing information for completing the discount process.

Reply to email

If an automated email reply back directing to the help pages or community is received, then one should reply directly to that email. Then the user will get in touch with the support, and that will bump the case over to an advisor for lending a hand.


It can be concluded that there is a need to get a discount if someone wants the most out of Spotify. There is no need to worry about the discount code failing to work on Spotify. With the aid of the above-mentioned fixes, it can be easily solved.