Review: Is Monster Anime Worth Watching?

Naoki Urasawa’s Monster is an extremely popular Japanese manga and anime series. It is a psychological thriller about a serial killer. The manga was published in the Big Comic Original from December 1994 to December 2001. It has 28 volumes in total. A novel titled Another Monster came out in 2002. Studio Madhouse produced its anime adaptation with 74 episodes that aired from April 2004 to September 2005. In this post, we discuss if Monster anime is worth watching or not.

What is the story of this series?

Kenzou Tenma is a successful neurosurgeon in Germany. Engaged with the daughter of the hospital’s director, his future looks bright. But one day, everything changes. A young boy with a headshot wound and the mayor of the city are both brought to the hospital for surgeries. Despite everyone’s opposition, Kenzou operates successfully on the boy, but the mayor dies. This causes him to lose his social standing.

But a series of murders, including the hospital’s director and colleagues, leave Kenzou shocked. The police suspected him but without proof, they couldn’t do anything. Nine years later, Kenzou treats a man who later dies at the hands of a ‘monster’. The ‘monster’ turns out to be Johan Liebert, the young boy Kenzou had saved, who was now a serial killer.

Monster: Review

Monster is a psychological thriller that focuses on the morality of individuals and society. It begins with a doctor who wants to do the right thing and how he learns that the world isn’t as kind as he had believed. The story focuses on the changes in his perception of reality. It also shows the audience how people manipulate others for their personal gains.

Monster has an intricately written plot. From the different emotions of the characters to how they are used against them, Monster shows all of it beautifully. All characters are excellent, especially Kenzou Tenma and Johan Liebert, with the side characters supplementing the story wonderfully as well. The emotional and psychological changes that the characters face are beautifully depicted.

While the art of anime is a bit old-fashioned, since it uses the manga’s art style, it is unique in its way. The story is multi-layered, giving side characters space in the main plot. The tone of the series is dark and serious. But many fans complain about the show’s pacing since it is a bit slow throughout. Still, Monster keeps the audience hooked with its suspense, leaving them to wonder what happens next.

Is Monster Anime Worth Watching?

Monster is one of the highest-rated anime series ever, having the 24th rank on MAL. While it is definitely a wonderful series, Monster may not be something everyone can digest. It deals with issues like morality, manipulation, death, life, psychopathy, sociopathy, grooming, and many more. If any such theme is disturbing to an individual, it will be better not to get to it. But otherwise, Monster is an addicting series that leaves the audience dumbfounded. It is best to check out the first few episodes of the anime and then decide if it is worth watching or not.