Roblox Dungeons Anime Fighting Simulator adds 2 new dungeons, 44 new quests, and more!

Roblox is one of the most popular gaming platforms at the global level. The games released by the Roblox Corporation have never failed to fascinate gamers. Most of the Roblox games are massive hits with their sequels and are also available on well-known major platforms such as Xbox, Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Developed by BlockZone, created on 4th, October 2019 and with a very recent update on 9th August 2021, Dungeons! Anime Fighting Simulator is one of the most popular fighting games on the Roblox having hit more than one billion views in just 2 years! We bet it is impressive, isn’t it? 

Update 19 has arrived for the Roblox Dungeons Anime Fighting Simulator bringing two new dungeons to the game, the dungeons of fire and ice and 44 new quests. There are also login rewards, missions, dimension generation, swords, bosses, champions, specials, weapons, and more new things you can experience in the game. You can also jump into the game and try a new wheel, it will spin to get rewards!

Players will be able to receive tasks throughout the game. They are tasks that require you to perform certain tasks, mainly to obtain a certain ability from each statistic. The purpose of completing the mission is to become stronger. After completing the task, you can obtain power, sword, yen, halo, sword skin, and/or Chikara fragments. Tasks can be received from task NPCs scattered on the map. The eight mission NPCs are Boom, Sword Master, Giovanni, Ghoul, Hermit, Tanjiron, Deko, and Armino.

The 44 new quests added involve different objectives to earn different rewards. The difficulty of each task is based on a different increment, the statistics needed to reach it, and the number of times the difficulty of the previous task has been increased. Each mission can be rated up to 10 stars. You will face different bosses with different strength levels with your in-game progress in completing the quests.  The bosses you would encounter in this game are Demon Fox, Broli, Beast King, Masked Villain, Beast Monke, Dark Demon, Inferno, Nicholas The Renegade, and Carrot.

What are you waiting for warriors? Start your quests! Explore the dungeons! Use your weapons! Defeat the bosses! Cement your victories!