Rudeus’s Married Life Explained!: Wives, Love Interest And Many More

Rudeus is the male lead of the anime Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation. He has a very lovable personality including both his weird and perverse side. His fetishes are indeed kind of extravagant. However, that is what makes him so likable but that is also the reason people ask, “What about Rudeus’s married life?”

Later on in the series he will eventually get married and live a normal married life as a loving and caring husband and father. This leaves fans with questions like, “Who did Rudy get married to?” Or “How even did he get married?”. These questions are pretty normal as right now in the anime it doesn’t seem like he is getting married anytime soon. However, he will definitely get married to……..?

To know the answer we must pry into Rudeus’s married life. In today’s article, we will be explaining Rudeus’s married life. So, make sure to read until the end. Let’s begin without any further ado!

Whom Did Rudeus Got Married To?

Rudeus Married Life

Currently, anime is in the middle of adapting the Ranoa Magic Academy arc. It must seem that Rudeus isn’t even going to confess much rather marry someone in the series. However, Rudy’s marriage is much closer than you even think. Later in the series, he marries a total of three young and charming women.

On top of that, all of these three women are extremely close to Rudy. Let us proceed to know just who are these women who succeeded in captivating Rudy.

1. Sylphiette

Rudeus Married Life

Sylphiette also known as Sylphy is the childhood friend of Rudeus who also learnt how to use incantation-less magic from Rudy. She is part human, beast, and elf. Let’s look at their relationship from the very beginning! These are the phases in Rudeus and Sylphy’s relationship:

  • They first met coincidentally in the Buena village of the Fittoa region, Asura kingdom.
  • Rudeus saved Sylphy from the bullying and harassment of some random kids from the village
  • He also taught her incantation less magic.
  • They became friends in no time. However, Rudeus and Sylphy get separated because Rudy suddenly goes to Paul’s cousin’s mansion for work purposes.
  • Many years passed by and a certain incident took place which was to be later known as the mana calamity teleportation incident.
  • Rudeus got teleported to the Demon continent whereas Sylphy got teleported inside the Ranoa Magic Academy.
  • After some years they both reunited while Rudeus enrolled in the academy to cure high Erectile Dysfunction.
  • After many interactions, Sylphy at a certain time and location revealed her true identity and confessed to Rudeus right away.
  • Rudy also accepted her proposal and replied positively to her.
  • They both got married and had two kids one a girl named Lucy Greyrat and also a boy named Seighart Saladin Greyrat.

2. Roxy Migurdia

Rudeus's Married Life

Roxy is the mentor of Rudeus. She is the one who taught Rudeus the art of magic. She is also the one who forces him to take a step outside of his little house so that he can explore the world. This impacted Rudy greatly.

So much so that he worshipped Roxy’s panties throughout the rest of his life after she left. Through the course of this series, this same Roxy falls in love with Rudy and proposes to him. After Rudeus’s positive reply, they both got married and started to live together like a couple. They had two kids together which are Lara and Lily Greyrat respectively.

3. Eris Boreas Greyrat

Rudeus Married Life

Eris is the childhood friend and the third wife of Rudeus who comes from the Boreas branch of the Greyrat family. In the very early stages of the series, Eris, Rudeus, and Ruijerd of the Superdia tribe traveled together through the rough and harsh lands of the Demon continent. Later on, Ruijerd left them on their own as soon as they reached Buena village which is Rudeus’s hometown originally. The both of them then visited Eris’s hometown and there they found Ghislaine and the remains of the beautiful town that once existed.

The sad news regarding Eris’s parents and grandfather also made its way to them. The grief-stricken Eris told everyone to leave her be and also give her some time to stomach all of this. At night she visited Rudeus’s camp and told her that she wanted to fulfill their promise immediately without waiting for Rudeus to turn 15. After that, they both spent the night together.

Both of them lost their virginity, but there’s a twist to all of this. Rudeus who thought that he’ll settle down and live a peaceful life now got struck down immediately like a fly out of nowhere! That morning, Rudy saw a letter for him from Eris stating that they were not compatible and that Eris was leaving on a journey with Ghislaine. This made Rudeus go into depression.

He also harbored a disease called Erectile Dysfunction in which one becomes incompetent and unable to trust women just because of this incident. After spending some five years apart from each other both of them finally married each other after they fought the Dragon God, Orsted. They both had a kid together named Ars Greyrat.

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