Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium August update details: Everything you need to know

Developed by Rare and published by Microsoft Studios, Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium was first released in the year 2018. It is an action-packed and adventurous game. More than a mere pirate centered on the Caribbean-themed game, the game also features vampires and dinosaurs which adds to the thrill.

The game has been launched with multiplayer mode with an intriguing story setting that gives the players the lively feeling when they can encounter other different players from the world through their voyages. With the first release for Windows and Xbox one in 2018, now this game is made available for Xbox series X/S in 2020. Since its release, the game with its smooth realistic, and friendliest story setting involving no rough violence has captivated millions of fans.

Pirate Emporium Sea of the thieves is one such cool game that comes with frequent updates – once in two months. Each update brings along new themes and additional features and never fails to impress the fandom. The last update of the game was in June 2021, which featured Captain Jack Sparrow of the Pirates of the Caribbean. The update was released with Captain Jack Sparrow-themed costumes, cosmetics, and weapons along with an additional feature, a prison dog that can be bought using Ancient coins which is the in-game currency.

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium August update details

Sea of Thieves Pirate Emporium update

Each update is released along with a trailer that simply amazes the fans and captivates them. For the recent update for August, the game has released a similar intriguing trailer. After watching the trailer, we can notice several new features are on the way. This update features the theme of Disney’s Pirate of the Caribbean. We can see a lot of comic characters making the trailer look fun-filled. One such character we can notice in the trailer is a hilarious Monkey captain. Along with the features, we can also be certain that the gameplay has also been visibly improved compared to the previous versions of the games. This update of the game will certainly be a delight for all the active fans. So fingers crossed!!.