Sousou no Frieren Wiki and Main Characters Explained

Sousou no Frieren or known better by its English counterpart as Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End, originally started out as a Japanese manga series penned by Kanehito Yamada. It has begun its anime serialization as of September 2023 and is being well-received by long-time fans and new viewers for its clear, picturesque animation and steady pace. With the manga having already won the 14th Manga Taisho Award and 25th Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize, it has found its place as one of the many incoming jewels to the Fantasy and Iyashikei genres in the world of anime and manga. In this article, we will delve deep into Sousou no Frieren Wiki and the main characters

Sousou no Frieren Wiki- What Is It All About?

The anime follows the story of an elven mage named Frieren who was once a member of a legendary adventure party that journeyed a 10-year conquest to defeat the Demon King, succeeding and subsequently restoring peace to the lands. Her party included the charismatic human hero Himmel, witty dwarven warrior Eisen, and alcoholic human priest Heiter. 

Due to her long lifespan, Frieren remains young while her companions succumb to the unforgiving mortality of old age, her last encounter with them being their old promise to meet for the Era Meteors that arrives half a century. She goes on one last adventure with Himmel, only for him to meet his end, causing her to regret not having known him better. 

In her pain, she visits the last surviving members of her party again, a reunion out of which she is passed on the custody of Heiter’s adopted orphan child, Fern. With a new apprentice under her wing, Frieren sets out on one last journey to fulfill Himmel’s last wish while committing herself to the pursuit of magic. Her experiences on the journey along with her new crew challenge her perspectives on the reality of immortality, grief, and love.

Sousou no Frieren’s Main Characters

1. Frieren

Sousou no Frieren Wiki

Starting off with the titular protagonist, Frieren is an elf and a back-alley mage starkly known for her lack of expressions and aloof attitude. People assume she’s mysterious and wise due to her stoic character but the ones close to her know she simply lacks tact and is emotionally sensitive. For example, she displays embarrassment when her mana detection is interrupted in the middle of a spell, an amateur’s error she has been unable to overcome, moments that make her endearing despite her being unrelatable as an immortal.

With her petite build, striking green eyes and pale white hair- Frieren is an image of timelessness. Throughout the series, we see her grappling with the concept of human life, the shortness and urgency of it, as well as the many regrets and grief that come with truths realized too late. Her character gives the viewers a poignant peek into the weight of immortality and the worldly otherness of an identity that owns it.

2. Fern

Sousou no Frieren Wiki

As the adopted daughter of Heiter, the impressionable human mage who was orphaned due to war in the Southern Lands becomes an apprentice to Frieren at the final request of her adoptive father. Loyal, dedicated and considered mature for her age as a result of her upbringing- Fern displays a motherly nature as she holds the party together, worrying over Frieren’s childish antics and Stark’s rebellious behavior on their adventures together.

She remains dedicated in her scholarly devotion to magic and is determined to live a rich-fulfilling life of good memories and experiences to honor her adoptive father’s wishes, and in her sincerity to prove to him that his passing would not be one of regret and worry for her. On her journey with Frieren and Stark, Fern learns the love of companionship and rediscovers what magic means to her.

3. Stark

Sousou no Frieren Wiki

Stark appears as the compassionate and lively third to complete Frieren’s party. A human warrior who was forced to abandon his village upon a demon attack, he goes on to be taken in as Eisen’s apprentice and is instructed to join Frieren and Fern as their vanguard. Sporting a spiky redhead and eager smile, Stark’s kind and hard-working personality causes him to be well-liked wherever he goes. Having become accustomed to being pampered by the village elders, he’s also a vision of bravery and a role model to children who admire his adventurous stories.

Despite his reputation, Stark harbors a level of self-loathing due to the cowardly thoughts that arise in his head during dangerous battles and difficult situations. On his journey with Frieren and Fern, he enjoys observing and partaking in activities with his party members, always taking things as they come and go with a curiosity of who he will become upon the journey’s end, all the while battling his own inner fears and feelings of inadequacy.

4. Eisen

Sousou no Frieren Wiki

The only remaining member of the once legendary Hero party aside from Frieren, Eisen is a character who sets the story in motion with his insistence of his apprentice Stark’s entry into Frieren’s party. Known for his witty nature and sharp tongue, Eisen was known to get the Hero party in trouble frequently due to his careless words.

However, his rough persona gives way to the memories of his beloved friends. Although he holds a nonchalant stance on death, Heiter’s belief in heaven as a comfort to the deceased causes Eisen to begin praying at graves and he carries on the tradition into his old age, long after Heiter has died. This compassion extends to his apprentice Stark as well, although he struggles to convey it. In the end, he wishes Stark the best and hopes his apprentice will return from the journey safe and more knowledgeable. 

5. Himmel

Sousou no Frieren Wiki

Although a character who shows more relevance to Frieren’s past and doesn’t make much appearance in the series, Himmel’s character is central to the story as it was his death that served as a catalyst for Frieren to embark on a new journey to understand humans and the importance of even the most fleeting emotions. In his youth, Himmel led the Hero Party to victory against the Demon King, establishing an era of peace which Frieren’s party explores.

Having been amiable and selfless, Himmel was adept at forming strong connections with people, a trait that earned him the trust of the nation and the love of the people. His influence extended to his friends as well, motivating Heiter to adopt Fern under the belief that Himmel would have done the same and wanted for his adoptive daughter the same fearlessness and empathy Himmel had. With his vibrant blue hair and piercing gaze, Himmel was an image of heroism, one whose legacy touched lives long past his death, and one that Frieren seeks to honor and understand on her journey with Fern and Stark.

6. Heiter

As Fern’s adoptive father, Heiter was a calm and peaceful man who worried and planned for his daughter’s future upon the event of his near death. It would not be an exaggeration to say that his decision to place Fern in Frieren’s care is what shot the main purpose of this series ahead. 

In his youth, Heiter was dubbed a drunkard due to his love and carelessness with alcohol, something his close friend Frieren often reprimanded him for. His village gave him the title ‘Corrupt Priest’ due to his reckless behavior and he enjoyed his strong bond with Frieren, long into their 10-year quest to defeat the Demon King. 

Heiter does not appear in the series much aside from Frieren’s flashbacks and in his old age until his immediate death, however, his decisions and wishes fueled many of Frieren’s desires to take care of and train Fern. Fern herself went on to secure her future the way she knew her father would have wanted her to, hence his character having left a mark on not just one but two promising individuals even past his death.

All in all, Sousou no Frieren takes apart the intricacies of relationships and the nature of emotions through its subtle character interactions and motivations. The kind of anime that you watch with a quiet in your heart and head full of thoughts, it stays true to the comforting ambience and reflective story building of its genre and is hence, highly recommended for the viewers desiring such an experience.

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