Splitgate new modes to be announced at Gamescom 2021, according to leaks

As we all know, Splitgate is one of the most popular ultimate action-packed shooting games at the present that features an online multiplayer mode. This game has been launched in such a way that a total of ten players will be able to play within a network at the same time. The game also comes with the additional feature of crossplay, where individuals can play in the same server of the game together using different consoles. Last week the official Twitter handle of the game conducted a poll on what features should they add to the game, providing the two options of 2 Vs 2 Ranked mode and Ranked Showdown. The majority has voted for the 2 vs 2 Ranked mode, as a result of which the game has released a small update containing the features such as Ranked 2 vs 2 along with server capacity improvements and minor bug fixes.

Splitgate new mode leaked information

Splitgate new modesWe have got some leaked information and new game modes that are going to be launched on splitgate very soon. The post on split gate NTEL- #news source features zombie VIP and CTF( capture the flag). This post hints at the release of these two new game modes that are going to be released soon. This is a sneak peek of what we can see is going to become splitgate. Very soon we can reckon on the release or it might even be better we might even see some of the actual gameplay in Gamescom. Now we’ve got a world premiere on Gamescom which is going to hit splitgate soon this Wednesday at 7 pm British standard time as per the announcement.

Splitgate new modes
Tweet: World Premiere on Splitgate

We can get some clarity on what is going to be released soon after watching the premiere. Possibly this is going to be the gameplay of the new upcoming game modes, it could be something brand new or it could be the announcement of the paid battle passes coming or it could be something completely different. Fingers crossed!!