Spy X Family Anime Episode 12 Title, Manga Chapter, Release Date & Spoilers

Tatsuya Endo’s Spy X Family is a super popular action and comedy manga and anime series. The manga started serialization in the Shonen Jump+ magazine in March 2019. The popularity of the series increased tremendously after the release of its anime adaptation. The anime adaptation of the series is currently one of the most-watched TV series in the whole world. In this post, we discuss Spy X Family Anime Episode 12 Title, Manga Chapter, Release Date & Spoilers.

What is the story of Spy X Family?

Spy X Family is the story of a different version of the modern world. After a long and devastating war, the two countries somehow manage to establish peace. But there are still some people and organizations who wish to use the conflict between the nations for their personal benefits and gains. And this is where the spies and secret agencies of the countries come in.

These agencies work to expose these people and stop them from creating mayhem. Twilight, the greatest spy in the world, receives a new operation in which he has to come in contact with a powerful politician from the other country. But in order to do so, he must create a fake family and meet him as a mere commoner.

Twilight ends up meeting Anya and Yor Briar, who become his daughter and wife respectively for the sake of this mission. But each of them has their secret identity as well. Yor is a world-famous assassin known as Thorn Princess who married Twilight to avoid suspicion. Anya used to be a test subject for a mysterious organization which turned him into an esper or mind-reader. Twilight and the Thorn Princess remain oblivious to each other’s identities while Anya knows everything due to her powers.

The anime of Spy X Family started airing in April 2022. The anime became a massive hit and received incredibly high ratings and a positive response from the audience. The first season of this anime will have a total of 25 episodes. The first part of the season aired in April 2022 and has 12 episodes in all. The remaining 13 episodes are reported to come out in the latter half of 2022.

Spy X Family Episode 12 Manga Chapter

The 12th episode of the anime series will act as the midseason finale of the first season. It will not cover the main story of the series but will focus on an extra chapter. This episode will adapt chapter number 11.5, an additional chapter of the manga. The name of the chapter is “Extra Mission 1” while the episode will be named “Penguin Park”.

Spy X Family Episode 12 Release Date & Spoilers

The next episode of the Spy X Family anime will come out as per the regular schedule of the anime series. This episode will be released on the next Sunday, just like all other episodes, which is 25 June 2022. 

This episode will focus on the Forger family. Twilight overhears his neighbors talking about their family and learns that their family is considered ‘different’ as they do not spend much time together. In order to rectify this, he proposes a family outing for Yor and Anya. But their outing faces hurdles as Twilight receives an urgent mission while he is with his family.

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